WV-03: Blankenship's Buddy Receives Campaign Cash from Palin's PAC

The third district congressional race in West Virginia is pretty safe on the democratic side.  Nick Rahall (D) has held the seat for decades and doesn't plan on relinquishing it to anyone.  The legitimate competitor from the Republican side is Elliott "Spike" Maynard.  I've mentioned Maynard previously in my blogs about Massey Energy and the coal baron known as Don Blankenship.  

Maynard, a former WV Supreme Court of Appeals judge, cast a few controversial votes in favor of Massey Energy and Blankenship across his time on the court.  This was controversial mainly because he is close friends with Blankenship, and even vacationed along the French Riviera together with him.

The Charleston Gazette recently reported that Sarah Palin's PAC donated a pretty generous $3,500 to his campaign for House of Representatives.  (Maynard also received money from several other groups including Shelley Moore Capito)

Elliott "Spike" Maynard, his Republican opponent, raised $133,776. Maynard won the Republican congressional primary on May 11.

During the 2009-10 election cycle, the Keep Nick Rahall in Congress Committee has raised $778,624, while Spike Maynard for Congress has raised $186,026.

At the end of the current reporting period on June 30, Rahall, a Democrat, had nearly $1.6 million in his campaign coffers, while Maynard had $114,510.

The Committee to Re-Elect Joe Manchin gave Rahall $1,000.

Sarah Palin's SARAH-PAC gave Maynard $3,500 and Shelley Moore Capito for Congress gave him $2,000.

Charleston Gazette

As a West Virginian not wanting a coal crony officially in Congress, I oppose Maynard and his battle for House of Representatives.  Sarah Palin, clearly no opponent of coal or advocate for clean energy sources, will apparently donate to anyone with an R next to their name.  Maynard is the textbook example of corruption if you look at him from the standpoint of his time on the court with respect to the Massey decisions. 

Personally, a friend of Don Blankenship is the last thing West Virginia (or the country) needs in Congress.

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