Virginia CD-1 Special Election Roundup

A good status report of the upcoming special in VA-01, an R+9 district - Todd

Here's where we stand right now for the Dec. 11 special election to fill the seat of Rep. JoAnn Davis (R-VA), who recently lost her battle with breast cancer.

On Nov. 6, four days before both parties pick their nominee via convention, Virginia will hold elections for state and local offices. It's a possibility that a few more people who are running in one of those Nov. 6 contests could jump in the special election race afterwards. They'd only have a couple of days to campaign for delegates, but if it's a big name, like State Sen. Edd Houck of Spotsylvania or Gen. Anthony Zinni of Williamsburg (these are pure speculation), they might be able to clear most of the field.

These are the Democrats I'm aware of right now that have either filed or are leaning towards it:

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