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    I spent September in New Hampshire and the only political signs I saw were for Ron Paul. I have to say I was up around the White Mountains. IT is pretty rural and libertarian up there. I think he will surprise some people.

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    I do not know if the money is online activism. It seems to me many people are more comfortable with the internet. It is easy, people already have pay pal from e-bay and Amazon and Google have online money services. A couple of clicks a few keystrokes. Bam it is done.

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    We need to start talking about how McCain, Brownback, Romney are not electable. As master Jack said Republicans never use that word.

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    Bush Bites is correct. Medicare Part D is great legislation if your intent is to funnel money to insurance and drug companies. Aways look at who benifits in the end. They have to lie to get thier agenda through. It is very unpopular.

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    Thank you Davis X. So the senate will say "you done bad George" There will be no actual penalty. Why are dems afraid of that. George has done bad. Only 33%-38% think George has done good.

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    What is censure? Really how would it affect anything?

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    Why does no one seem to mention that the Indian tribes were a victim of Abramoff's crimes? Abramoff's client's money is not tainted.  It changes the dem's took money too conotations.


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