Ed Rendell: Don't Pick Hillary As VP, Hillary Shouldn't Make Any Demands

Ed Rendell doesn't believe he should pick her. That Obama couldn't control Bill and Hillary might up stage him. He also says Obama is now the leader of the party so Hillary can't bargain with him and she must agree to what Obama wants.

From The Page:

On NY 1, the Clinton-backing governor says of her:

"Generally a lot of politicians don't like to put somebody like that on the ticket. You know rule one for the Vice President is make sure you never upstage the President, right?... Hillary Clinton in some ways couldn't help but upstage, even if she was trying not to."

Adds: "The Obama campaign would have to make strict rules... about what President Clinton could and could not do during the campaign."

Also urges Clinton not to "bargain" with Obama about exiting the race:

"You don't bargain with the Presidential nominee. Even if you're Hillary Clinton and you have 18 million votes, you don't bargain."

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Our Party's First Couple:

How can anyone not be proud that this is the couple our party intends to send to the white house? They will represent our party well in the fall. Congrats to the entire Democratic Party for letting them officially lead us into the future:

A Few Things MyDD Must Do

MyDD has a unique place in the liberal bloggosphere. It unlike DailyKos, Democratic Underground, Talking Points Memo...etc has a large population of Clinton supporters but unlike Hillaryis44 and TaylorMarsh, MyDD is in full support of the Democratic Party no matter the nominee and has in the past made it clear any lack of support of the Democrat Nominee will not be tolerated.

MyDD thus needs to take decisive action other than "he looks to be the nominee". They have to make it very clear to the Clinton supporters here that this as of today is a OBAMA supporting blog. 100%. To do this

The hillary map and delegate counter needs to be removed

The front page needs a post that makes it very very clear that any refusal to support Obama or any trashing of Obama will be not tolerated at all now that his the official nominee.

Jerome has to make it very clear he is 100% behind Obama.

Update [2008-6-4 9:52:30 by Cheebs]: I am not saying he is free from any criticizing. But the outright trashing of him needs to end. There is a difference between criticism and out right trashing of a candidate.

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BREAKING: AP Says Clinton To Concede Tonight

It is official. The AP news is reporting that Hillary will concede and declare Obama the nominee TONIGHT. All the cable news are reporting it.

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With 98% in from PR....

Obama leads the popular vote counting Florida and even not counting the estimates from the 4 caucus states. A squeaker with 27,827 lead under the most optimistic clinton scenario!

Obama leads in pledged delegates
Obama leads in super delegates
Obama leads in the popular vote


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Feminists & Women Voters Who Plan To Not Vote Obama.....

In the general to those who say they won't vote Obama. Explain to me how this candidate is better for women than Obama.


1. Left his first wife for a younger prettier girl WHILE he was still married

2. He called his second wife a cunt

3. He cheated on his second wife with a lobbyist

4. Laughed at someone calling Hillary a bitch in a townhall meeting

5. Doesn't support abortion rights.

How the hell does this guy seem more up your alley for womens rights than Obama? Voting McCain, voting third party, or not voting all are votes that help McCain. If you don't vote Obama then you are saying a cheating anti-abortionist guy who calls women cunts is more favorable for women.  How is this possible at all?

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Obama Will Be The Nominee 100% In Ten Days

Everyone knows Obama will win the pledged delegate totals but Clinton folk like to tell you that the supers might go to her and negate the pledged delegate totals. Let's see how possible that might be

Obama's site lists he needs 132.5 delegates to hit 2026. Let's just see how many supers he would need:

I am using Slate.com's delegate calculator and giving VERY conservative estimates for the final states. (Obama winning by 10 Oregon, Montana, and SD and Clinton winning by 30 in PR and Kentucky). He would net 83 pledged delegates.

He would need only 49.5 supers. Since there is no .5's left that would mean he would need 50 supers to be safe.

He is averaging about 5 super delegates a day. Meaning....

Obama will based on my math cross the threshold of super delegates needed in only 10 days

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Who Will You Vote In The Fall?

Time to put your money where your mouth is. I wanna see if these pro-McCain voters who always post diaries are as large as they seem to be. Poll after the fold.

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Obama To Campaign In Michigan This Week!

Any Michigan democrats out there who missed out on having the candidates come to our state now have two chances to see Obama this week in the state.

Obama will be making two stops here this Wed., it is his first appearance in Michigan as part of the General Election. He'll be holding a town hall in Macomb County and then a rally later that day  on Wed. in Grand Rapids.

No exact times or locations have yet to been set but the Detroit Free Press has reported it this morning.

It is so exciting to see the general election finally hit my state after missing out on the primaries here!

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Clinton House Supers In Awe of Obama

The all but assured Dem. nominee Obama made a suprise appearance at the house today and all members of the house were star-struck. Clinton supers asked for his autograph and republicans looked on in awe. From the Politico:
"I think you call this "wavering."

Politico's Amie Parnes e-mails from Obama's visit to the House floor, where he was mobbed instantly.

New York Rep. Yvette Clarke, in theory a Clinton superdelegate, asked him to autograph the cover of today's New York Daily News, with the headling "It's His Party."

Rep. Alcee Hastings, a Clinton supporter from Florida, gave him a big hug. Even Republicans were star-struck. Ileana Ros Lehtinen of Florida crossed the aisle to say hello and brought three children -- in town for a school safety patrol trip -- with her.

Obama, meanwhile, bowed to Majority Leader Steny Hoyer."

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