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    We are still missing the point.  Big picture....look at the frame.

    Gun Control----->Gun Safety

    Faith-Based----->SSPs  Self Sufficiency Programs

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    Why?  Because the media says so????  
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    Wrong.....nothing is dead. This isn't 1964...goldwater got trounced by 15million votes.  Do some real analysis will you, stop throwing out the trite historical references about Dems in the darkness. :yawn:
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    great qoute.
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    agree with your principle ideas.  It's definitely a bait-n-switch operation.
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    save the nice guy stuff for the talks shows and public events.  Strategy must be about wining and nothing else.  
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    The entire conservative establishment was pouring money into that race and all you heard was Lazio this that and the other thing.   And then that debate when Lazio pretty much attacks here on stage and she comes off looking like a champ.

    Very very smart woman.  She would be able to hold her own but for her canidacy to work the left needs to start the work now about framing the party principles right now.  The race has to been on the issues starting today.

    As far as the VP pick.  Evan Bayh..........

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    ack i shuld be doing reading for class but this post has been bugging me.

    We are doing it over again.  Chris, love your posts but i have to say it's not that difficult.  Majority of Americans want 5 things:

    1. Food
    2. Safety
    3. Shelter
    4. Jobs
    5. Opportunity

    platform centered on those things wins.  Keep It Simple.   The goal of this government to perform at peak efficiency, to create safe environment for people to live and to help those that have been unable to help themselves, ensure opportunity for all.

    Left, center, right........all meaningless.  Progressives need to learn how to talk to people.  Our ideas work and our ideas are better.  Give people hope, involve them in a grand vision of a stronger, wealthier, more just, safer america.  DREAM A LITTLE.  Not a blurb in some speech about a some beacon on a hill.....people don't buy into that BS.  It needs to be a part of the essence of progressive, the essence of a democrat.

    Passion, Dedication and Effort.  Right, Center Left......not one, not a single person in america can deny those virtues.

    We are not in trouble.  This is democracy for god's sake.  Serve the people!  Listen to them, inspire greatness in them, promise greatness in them and then fight like hell to give it to them.  


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