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    might be good....but the FAQ


    makes it seem like it's trying to be "cool" and "hip".

  • Of some great elect day results are at hand.  Yet what will the Democrats do?  From what Chairman Dean seems to have outlined previous to this latest faux pax by the White House, Party of Corruption tagline is what Dean and the Dems will likely use agaist the Republicans.  Failures in Iraq, failure in Social Security Reform, failure in securing the homeland, failure in securing a clean environment can all be tied to the lack of ethics by the Republicans.  

    I'm hoping Chairman Dean will play the part of the Iron Chef who can take all these goodies and deliver a dish to for the American people that is easy to understand and digest so they know what Party brings the goods and what party doesn't.

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    Charges against Bush AND Cheney

    1- Lying to the American Public about Iraq.  It is clear now that he in fact did lie.  Resulting in the deaths of 1,800 soldiers and hundreds of thousands of muslims; Thereby creating more angry and venom towards the United States.

    2- Using the power of the presidency for political attacks at the expense of safety of US citizens.

    3- Protecting a criminal.

    4- Lack of integrity.  Doing the same thing that he accused of Clinton doing...parsing words.

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    i'm hoping dean is on this and it seems like he is that once the election cycle nears they go all out and really unleash so the message is clear and fresh in voters minds.  Seems (R) can't help but stumble because of their crazed grab for power.
  • Policy will dictate what direction things will go in.  That is the answer.  Labor to Service based workforce transition has been going on for sometime.  Definitely accelerated right now with lower paying jobs being phased out.  
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    Welp, so why now??  They had 6 years to call them on their BS.  But I doubt it because I think they are trying to get ahead of the curve on this criminal indictment of Rove.  Bush's approval ratings are in the tank and so soft framing of Bush Co., would result in bad ratings?
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    politics are real.  People voting in Bush results in kids starving, people dying etc., this isn't the matrix.  The reality adds to the intensity.  Intensity comes out in language.  If we can't express ourselves freely amongst our own then where??????  Who are we trying to look good for.  We are the people who are REAL.  We have flaws but we strive for something greater....that is the difference between us and them.  

    If somebody is out of line, put them in their place.  

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    chatter is good.  Exchange of all ideas, both good and bad is what will drive us.  Somebody can have a different opinion but because we don't buy into it we shouldn't dismiss it.  One thing i've learned is that there are so many bright people out here.  Until i found these types of places i felt alone.  Our goal should be to educate, learn and grow.   The complete antithesis of the top down crap from the republican party as of late.  The difference between progressives and everybody else is we entertain all, accept all and all are equal.  No high and mighty BS....

    Chris, you rock but this rant is borderline snobby.

  • agreed.  but the problem is can Chuck deliver the message? People are ready to boot santorum but not without a viable alternative.  Chuck's message is good but he is by himself in terms of the Dem Party.  Within the right frame.  A national movement, DFA, with a consistant ticket of anticoruption, pro-education, pro-growth, pro-privacy, etc., that would bring chuck amongst a community of voters would attract mass support.  The biggest issue is the pa dem party is a microcasm of the national dem party.  There needs to be a house cleaning.  Old style politriks with Rendell etc., are the norm.  Again, Rendell wins because he's cut from the same cloth as Clinton.

    Howard we need you in PA!!!!!

    Systems usually win.  Luck might net you a big pot playing black jack but if you have no clue how to play you will end up getting hammered.  Dems rely on star power too much.  Our system is weak.

  • meh carville has passion but his views are myopic.  IF conservatives in 1968 thought we'll never get this or that group do you think they would be in power today? No.  Progressvism is as close to live and let live as you could possibly get.  Dem leadership has failed in it's communication with the people.  Every once a in a while we have a Kennedy and/or Clinton and Dems say wow.  That's not the answer.  You have alabama in between but that's because of what the structure has dictated.  

    Who says progressives and "alabama" don't agree on education, healthcare, security, less government, lower taxes.  Everybody agrees on that.  It's politcal savy to get people to do something they aren't comfortable with.  Getting alabama to vote progressive....

    People hate politicians.  Sitting down and LISTENING to them is what it necessary.  Dems need to offer a vision.

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    casey isn't as progressive as chuck.  Problem being Casey represents the same old different shade of the same color as far as the democratic party goes. DLC etc.,  It all comes down to a clintonesque ideology for the most part when trying to say who should be support.  Do you go for everything or go for somethings and not others.  

    Chuck would be fantastic.  Casey, as long as he runs a decent campaign with good support(i'm sure he will get $), should beat up on Rick Santorum.  Santorum has hitched his wagon to Bush Co.,.  That's not going to get you votes in a state election, especially PA.  AS won because he drew moderate dems away and made it too close in Philadelphia.  Santorum will not draw anywhere near that amount of support in Philadelphia.

  • if alan lasts that long....
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    I certainly hope you can get some name recognition.  The future of the party is in progressivism....not republican light.  Progressivism is moral, it is godly, it is ethical.  PA Dem organization is corrupt and a dinosaur.  Hopefully with Chairman Dean we can make in roads.  It is certain that people inside the beltway do not get "it".  Best of luck, you have my vote!
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    where do i sign up?
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    What does that mean@#$@   This is the problem we have as liberals.  We can not choose words that aren't easily explainable.  Use liberal democracy and watch the right spin it so it sounds like we are talking down to people.


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