Mea Culpa

Apology for those who need a mea culpa (or a me a culprit)

Some bad things happened in the primaries. Neither candidates nor supporters got the respect they deserve.

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Bobby, Barack, Hillary & my Sister

Thinking about the anniversary today, and slowly emerging from the primaries....

My first maternal grandmother in this country raised 7 children (had 2 more died in childbirth) alone & penniless, because her husband was burned in a cabin by "hostiles" near the St Charles River. My grandmother died in childbirth at 19 after eloping. My mother almost died in a self-administered abortion at 19. My sister lived her entire life knowing she can never have children because of complications of birth (8 years after my mom's near-fatal abortion).  

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Obama will speak tonight-mark it well.

Tonight, Obama will speak as the nominee. Mark the moment.

Remember that first time as a kid when you had that stupid smile that stretched from ear-to-ear, and made your face feel painfully tight?

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Prediction: June 4th I'm SWITCHING to Hillary

Prediction: On June 4th I'm SWITCHING over to Hillary's side.

I'm looking forward to being a Judas, sort of. Actually, I'm yearning for it. After June 4th, I'll be a veritable Edith Piaf of the Clinton campaign, singing "La vie in rose" for Hillary.

Unless I'm wrong again, for the umpteenth time this year, I will be supporting Hillary Clinton the evening of June 4th. I will do what I have not done in a looong time: focus on her past contributions to this country, salute her for her current work, & look forward to all her future activities. I will do so without dwelling on differences I've had with her in the past. I will not be thinking anything negative of Hillary.

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Outrageous & silly? Yes, I know. CAPS irritating? Yes. But I think this is needed.

What I am hoping for is a diary without comments from anyone supporting it. I want only people who can defend to reply. IF YOU SUPPORT THIS DIARY DON'T POST BELOW, just answer the poll & click on the rec box to the right that says, "recommend." I hope that everyone, from TOP down, participates in the poll.

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It's called Character Assassination

(Cross-posted at the big orange.)

It's about Character Assassination, not physical assassination.

Hillary isn't calling for you to assassinate Obama, she's calling you to THINK and WORRY about it.

She doesn't think he'll be assassinated, as far as she knows.
He's not a Muslim, as far as she knows.
He doesn't have the support of working whites, as far as she knows.

It's just another part of her "waiting for the horse to talk" strategy.

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"G-d Damn Michelle Obama?"

That's the front page title today on Hillaryis44. The question mark & change in spelling of God was added by me.  

Senator Clinton, please, for the sake of decency, finally, tell that site to change it's name, or, at least, modify the message.

A site caryying your name, claiming to raise money for you, claiming to blog for you, and even calling out for diaries on this site to be recommended by it's members, should not be damning our (hopefully) future First Lady.

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