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    I recall listening to the '04 speech and being impressed about the part covering "red states & blue states." His speeches use that theme over and over again.

    His 2 books are written by different people-in the sense that one was written by a senator.

    Obama is very far from perfect, but he is arguably the most literate and prose worthy of our (at least) recent presidents. He is also pragmatic, and (yes) uses ghost writers for speeches when needed. The difference is he has the ability to write his own orations and prose.

    Sorry, but there's just no objective evidence that Obama is devoid of literary talent. If that's not what you're saying, then I apologize.

    If you are familiar with is finances before being elected senator, then you know he could not afford to hire a ghost writer for his first book. I don't think he even had a need to.

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    Favreau is neither indespensible nor immature. Neither is Hillary Clinton. That is why, despite the hopes of a few posters, neither one will resign because of the photo.

    Favreau is not indispensible....
    "Like Reagan, Obama can deliver it, but he can't come up with it." The diarist may believe that claim, but only if the diarist chooses to ignore the speech Obama wrote & delivered to the Democratic Convention in '04 & the award winning books the President-elect wrote. Favreau's usefulness to Obama is that Favreau can write in Obama's style, and do so at times when Obama doesn't have time to write an entire speech.

    Obama is a gifted writer. Hello?

    Favreau is not immature, but he did find himself caught inebriated in a photo where he appears very immature. All of us have been in both his & Hillary's position in the photo: all of us have perpetrated immature behavior & been the recipient of it.

    This is what humans do in the real world at some point: get caught in a photo, get drunk and act stupid, get caught in an airport bathroom, get caught smoking after we tried to quit, or tell a lie about our career achievement.

    Hillary Cinton is going to be the Secretary Of State of representing the entire country to leaders of the world. She doesn't have the time or interest to dwell on primary-type non-issues.

    We're in recession & on the brink of a depression (or, already in it). We have 2 wars and bases around the globe. Hello?

  • You have to love any diary that starts,
    "I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed -- hell, I'm probably not even in the top 50%."

    It's always the dullest tools that can never seem to imagine writing anything poking fun at themselves. Great diary & a great read. I love the (unwarranted) attitude. It'll be fine.

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    Love it!

    I Can Hazmat?

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    Yup, many are upset. I'm looking foward to hearing criticisms of Obama's lack of being a perfect president...much more than I would look forward to hearing same about a President (crosses self) McCain.

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    This is an excellent diary. This is an excellent Clinton diary. This is an excellent MyDD diary. It's so good I'm almost tempted to write a diary explaining why it's so good.

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    "But now things change"
  • Lol. Mittens was the dog's nickname name. Romney was the driver. I pray Romney is McCain's VP choice...oh, the humanities.

  • Did I see Mittens tied up on top of that van?

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    Don't you like him a little when he goes hunting?

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    Mark Penn? Never, never, never, suggest that again. Please. That happens & I'll pull a Rudolf Hess.

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    This diary rather reminded me of Aguirre's speech to the monkeys at the end....

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    "2 can be as bad as 1." Or worse. Lol.

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    The debate over Jefferson's offsprings re: slaves he owned...this country...slave-owning democracy...what can you say? It's a mixture of the best and the worst, like all of us maybe.

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    Agreed, diarist did a great job. Reasons for optimism. Fact-based diary. Doesn't take shots at any of 2 people I'm thinking of. Raises intellectual discussion. Tipping, reccing, getting cup of coffee, & re-reading it slower with relish (not in the coffee).


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