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    I'm increasingly frustrated by the climate change debate. Every now and then something will come out trying to dispute global warming. So What? What does it matter really spending time mulling over whether or not the earth is warming. I think it is. But regardless -- pollution is still bad. Dirty air still stinks and is hard to breathe. New cleaner technologies are what we need and will create jobs not cause jobs to be lost.

    I am amazed too how we still are such a throw-away culture. Even if we are recycling it's still wasteful. I remember growing up, my mom would buy an 8-pack of 16oz Dr. Pepper bottles. Then at the end of the week, she would take them back to the store where she would get 10cents per bottle that she then put towards her new pack. What happened to those bottles? They were washed and reused! Amazing! And all this happened in a local bottling plant. What happened to those days?

    Sorry for the slightly unrelated tangent...

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    Sorry, but I don't get it.

    Clinton was the more progressive candidate by far. Perhaps the folks in MA saw that, I don't know. I agree with glitterannebegay's post below.

    Still, I don't get the point of this diary.

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    I've only been to NYC once since 9/11.
    I live in Ireland now and lots of Irish and English go over to NYC (or Boston) every year for shopping excursions.
    With the US dollar what it is against the Euro, it's irresistible....
    A few years ago I went over (with my Irish partner) for one such trip. We visited Ground Zero. I like to think of myself as being pretty cynical about most things. But, to my surprise, I found myself weeping when we were there. Even thinking about it now, I'm getting misty-eyed.
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    You're right -- no way to govern a state.
    But I have to admit, I got a laugh from it this morning.
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    If you look at those standing to applaud the President and those sitting still -- you notice that the standing side is very colorful. Not only different races represented, but more women. Women wearing blue or red, or yellow, etc.

    Stark contrast to all the white men in dark suits on the other side.

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    Is there a version in real time?
    I would be interested in hearing what he's saying while he's drawing the map.

    Also very smart of him to start with Minnesota!

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    Thanks very much for the diary.

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    Now how hard was that?
    Why aren't all our representatives and senators saying what he's saying?
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    I'll comment.
    From another transplanted Texan. Originally from Utah, moved to Texas (Austin) in 1991. Moved to Ireland (Cork) 2006.

    I'm amazed by what's going on with the Heath Care debate in the US. I'm trying to follow it, but more and more I'm completely dumbfounded. It's amazing to me how successfully the right has hijacked the debate.

    The truly ironic thing is that the only people benefiting from the state of health care in the US today is the health insurance companies. Other big businesses suffer under the costs of health care as well. Do the health insurance companies have that much clout and power that they are able to derail the whole thing? -- even above other large companies?

    How could this have been handled differently so as to prevent this mess? Is the right just trying to derail it simply to get a victory over Obama? Maybe I'm too naive to believe that people would act against their own self interest to just win a political victory. But maybe to them the only thing of interest is the political victory.

    The way I see it, health care reform -- meaningful health care reform -- benefits everyone.

    But that's just me.


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    I was just going to comment that I really didn't care about this at all. I think it's a non-story. But when I read your comment, I got a little chuckle. So, thanks for that.

    And I think this is a non-issue. Not interested. So they guy went to Argentina and didn't want anyone to know. Kooky, but whatever...

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    I was a Hillary supporter because as a candidate I thought that she was to the left of Obama. I also think that she was and is to the left of her husband.

    I have been pleasantly surprised by the direction that Obama has taken since assuming office. He is more to the left than I expected him to be. I expected more of a centrist -- similar to Bill.

    I would have loved Hillary to win, of course. But I am pleased with how things have turned out. I am still teary when I hear "US President Barrack Obama." Just as I'm sure I would  be if I were to hear "US President Hillary Clinton."

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    I think this is great news.

    Would be great if rail transport became more common again across the entire country. If you look at a lot of little ghost towns across the country, what do many of them have in common?

    A deserted railroad station.

    Imagine if we were still shipping goods and travelling by rail in higher numbers. Imagine how many big trucks would be off the road.

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    It's good to see the press in the US actually asking serious substantive questions and pressing politicians appearing on their shows.

    I noticed that the clips were from MSNBC. At least someone is doing their jobs. Would be nice to see the other networks follow along.

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    I am increasingly optimistic about the future. I supported HRC in the Primary. But as the days go by I am more and more impressed with the President. Not that HRC wouldn't have continued to impress - she certainly does as well. Let me just say that I'm not  displeased with what has turned out.

    Best hopes for us all -- around the world. I live in Ireland and things are worrisome here. Still, with the lead being taken by Pres. Obama, I feel optimistic for the state of the world generally.

    And I still get a little tear in my eyes when I read or write or say or hear "President Obama."

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    It is the Constitution.
    The Framers intended the Senators to represent the individual States -- the interests of the States. And so were appointed by the State legislatures. It makes sense, as they intended it.

    The House represented the people.

    The President represented the United States -- in other words all the states. Which is why the President is choses by all the States, not by all the people.

    Agree with the approach or not, that was the intent.

    I personally prefer voting for my own Senators directly. And would like to vote for the President directly as well. But that's only me. I wasn't asked for my opinion when the Constitution was written.


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