McCain is too liberal to be a Mydd Hillary supporter

Short diary. Here's what John McCain had to say about Jeremiah Wright and Barack Obama. Contrast this with all the hatred thrown at Obama here by the pro-Clinton supporters--DOZENS of whom recommended hate-filled diaries on this subject.

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Obama plays the race/gender card---again!!!!!

People have accused Barack Obama of playing the race card in this campaign.

I didn't believe them.

But, this latest incident proves that his critics here have been right all along.

Please Rec and read below for this latest example.

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FEC trying to cripple ActBlue, John Edwards!

Kos has a post up about this based on a story from The Politico.

Here is the link: 2/10/14659/857/782/420274

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Edwards to get Iowa, California SEIU endorsements!!!

Howdy, y'all.

Though a lot of Hillary and especially Obama supporters were gloating about their ability to prevent the SEIU national board from endorsing John Edwards, the state boards know who the best friend to labor is.  That's why on Monday, John Edwards is going to get several state endorsements, including California and Iowa.

Iowa is the big key, since that means that other state SEIU chapters, like California, will be able to send people into the state to help him pull out an upset win there.

Hope is on the way.

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