Politics and Media Headlines 3/12/09

Investigative Reporter Seymour Hersh Describes 'Executive Assassination Ring' (by Eric Black at MinnPost.com, posted at Common Dreams News Center)
At a "Great Conversations" event at the University of Minnesota [Tuesday] night, legendary investigative reporter Seymour Hersh may have made a little more news than he intended by talking about new alleged instances of domestic spying by the CIA, and about an ongoing covert military operation that he called an "executive assassination ring." Hersh spoke with great confidence about these findings from his current reporting, which he hasn't written about yet. In an email exchange afterward, Hersh said that his statements were "an honest response to a question" from the event's moderator, U of M Political Scientist Larry Jacobs and "not something I wanted to dwell about in public."


Hersh didn't take back the statements, which he said arise from reporting he is doing for a book, but that it might be a year or two before he has what he needs on the topic to be "effective...that is, empirical, for even the most skeptical."
Why is it again that we don't plan to investigate the Bush administration?--Caro

Texas Legislature To Honor `Dynamic Texan' Bush For Advancing American `Safety and Prosperity' (Think Progress)
While former President George W. Bush has kept a low profile since vacating the Oval Office, many of his closest allies have been working hard to "set the record straight" about a presidency recently ranked by historians as one of the worst ever. Last month, all 20 Texas Republicans in the U.S. House backed a bill to rename a federal courthouse in Midland, TX in Bush's name. Now, their colleagues in the state legislature plan to further the cause with a resolution calling Bush a "dynamic Texan" and honoring him for his dedication to "the safety and prosperity of his fellow citizens".

The wrong way to fight Republicans:
DNC's Winning Slogan: "Americans Didn't Vote For A Rush To Failure" (by Greg Sargent at The Plum Line)
A Democratic National Committee official emails to say that the DNC has settled on a winner in its much-discussed contest to pick a slogan for a billboard in Rush Limbaush's home town: "Americans Didn't Vote For A Rush To Failure" [Emphasis added.]... The four runner-ups:

  • "Hope and change cannot be Rush'd"
  • "Failure is not an option for America's future"
  • "We can fix America, just don't Rush it"
  • "Rush: Say yes to America"

The right way to fight Republicans:
President Obama to GOP: Just Say More Than No (by Jake Tapper and Sunlen Miller at Political Punch, ABC News)
During a meeting yesterday with reporters from 15 regional newspapers, President Obama said that "the buck stops with me, and we're responsible." He added that Republicans who have objected to his plans for the economy to step up and do more than say "no."... The president declared, "I'm not impressed by just being able to say 'No.'... I think what will be interesting is the degree to which my Republican colleagues start putting forward an affirmative agenda that's not based on ideology but on the very real struggles and pain that people are feeling right now around the country and how do we get this economy back on its feet."

Poll: Voters view Rush Limbaugh negatively by a two-to-one ratio. (Think Progress)
In a new survey conducted by Democracy Corps and Greenberg Quinlan Rosner, 53 percent of voters said they had a negative opinion of hate radio talker Rush Limbaugh, compared to just 26 percent who view him positively. In all, nearly half the country, 45 percent, view him "very, very negatively." In their analysis, the pollsters note that "Limbaugh's rating has deteriorated among moderate Republicans since November's election, with his unfavorability rising from 37 to 46 percent."... A McClatchy-Ipsos poll coming out today finds that "about one of three Americans has a favorable opinion of radio talker Rush Limbaugh, while nearly half have an unfavorable opinion."
So why even bother with him?  For sure, don't spend any money on him.--Caro

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But Caro.....

Some of your best buds on Confluence, No Quarter, Alegre's hellhole-o-Racism.com, etc, VOTED for the Party of Cheney, supported with their money and their time....

They fervently EMBRACED the Dark Lord and all he stood for?

And, did you argue with them then, point out the error in their thinking?

Hmmmmmmm......Kind of hard to pretend you're still pure, when you suped with the devil, ain't it?

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ugh are you still here?

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Re: ugh are you still here?

Like herpes, there's no cure for Caro.

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