• comment on a post The Bush Doctrine's Drone War over 4 years ago

    As things stand, drones offer us the only hope of ever nailing bin Laden or al-Zawahiri if they truly are in Pakistan. That's what this is all about. Also, I wouldn't term these extrajudicial killings - this is a military operation, against a quasi-state foe. As for civilian casualties, I doubt that anyone sharing the same roof with these militants is truly a neutral. Anyone who brings them into their home must know they risks they are accepting for themselves and their families.

  • comment on a post Bus Rapid Transit Systems over 4 years ago

    And just how is this different from a regular bus system? From the previous comments, it sounds like it uses dedicated lanes -- and you're still going to have problems like traffic lights and relatively low speeds compared to rail. Plus you're going to piss off commuters, who I guarantee would rather see additional lanes for themselves rather than being backed up in traffic next to a lightly used dedicated bus lane. And what about areas that allow curbside parking? How are you going to run a dedicated bus lane through there?


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