Plagiarising Edwards: His Lasting Impact on This Race

While the candidates along with online blog superstars occasionally descend into silliness over whether Obama copied a speech or not from someone else (Count me in the "I don't give a shit column"), there is this from the NY Times: itics/19dems.html?_r=1&hp=&adxnn l=1&oref=slogin&adxnnlx=12033907 04-BSbQt0oSeXa/va97d+Cbww

I suppose it comes down to this for me. I care about the issues, not the candidates, not the politics and not the Democratic Party. I support, and will support the Democrats because they are closer to the version of America I want to see and they are the only choice of the two choices I am given.

Still, it makes me feel good to know that Edwards has had a lasting impact on this race.

As online supporters waste time on navel gazing and pissing matches and pep rallies and who is part of the "in crowd," a funny thing has started to happen on the way to the nomination-- how they are getting there is changing.

They are adopting Edwards concerns over how closely the Democrats have become tied to corporate interests. They are talking about the extremely high cost of living in this society. They are talking about the shifting risk burden from corporate America to mainstream. They are talking about student loans. People are questioning their healthcare plans. They are talking about regulation of the housing market. They are doing what should have been the start of the race-- talking about things that matter.

In short, Edwards isn't in this race, but his ghost sure as hell is. And for that, I must offer him a thank you.

I know some of you will nitpick and react in petty manner. Let's be frank- that's pretty much all you got. Honest, deep down, heart felt discussions of issues requires a hell of a lot more of you than the candidate advocacy that you've been peddling.

I am about the policies and issues and what they will mean to my family and friends.  The beauty and pain of not having Edwards actually in the race is that you can't resort to "well that's because you support Edwards." He's not in the race anymore, and I still feel the way I do about the issues and policies, and yes, leadership needed

It's short sighted thinking to reduce all conversations to candidate advocacy, but again, for several of you, it's a hard thing for you to talk about something that matters. Edwards is not important to me. His ideas and their lasting appeal are what matters to me. Plagiarism, indeed.

There is nothing wrong with copying so long as you copy things that  are right. I want both Clinton and Obama to copy Edwards on healthcare, on corporate interests, on Iraq and getting out sooner rather than later, on a number of things.

I want them to copy him on talking about the poor. I want them to copy him on making it one America rather than two.

I have to say-- I am extremely disappointed today in this blog. It can some times be a great place to come to. But this whole plagiarism thing is just silliness. I say this as someone who has decided to support whoever comes out of the meat grinder of our nomination process. Hillary Clinton is 100 times better than Mr. 100 years war. Barrack Obama is 100 times better than Mr. 100 years war.

I am certain of that. So- - let's talk about the things that matter. Let's talk about the economic policies that improve lives. Let's move away from the blood sport. Let's move toward the values that the candidates both share rather than toward all this foolishness. All those of you who participate in these games should be ashamed.

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Excellent Diary!

You are so right on so many levels.

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