John McCain: Self Over Country?

John McCain's new television ad claims that John McCain, in searching for bipartisan solutions, has always put his country before his political ambitions.  [I do not not have youtube at work, so I cannot post the video, but here's a link from TPM for the ad.]  Really?

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John McCain's Gun Control Flip-Flop

John McCain has been accusing Barack Obama of flip-flopping on gun control.  Well, Johnny, I hate to tell you this, but so have you.

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To all Hillary Clinton supporters

We understand your hard feelings about someone who came so excruciatingly close to the nomination.  We understand that Hillary Clinton's loss is like the loss of a loved one.  But we must remember our true opponent -- that is the Republicans.

Below the fold is why we Democrats must unite behind Barack Obama, our party's nominee:

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NARAL Pro-Choice America PAC Endorses Obama

Remember all those rants from Hillary Clinton about Barack Obama -- despite his consistent 100% ratings from Planned Parenthood -- not being pro-choice enough?  Well, today NARAL President Nancy Keenan announced NARAL's public endorsement of Barack Obama.  Below the fold is what the nation's pro-choice arm had to say:

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