IL-10: Julie Hamos: A Different Approach for policy making

Julie Hamos spoke before Northside DFA at their October meeting, speaking about why she's running for Congress in Illinois's 10th Congressional District.

Hamos had previously spoken before the group, but this time as a candidate for Congress in the Democratic primary.  Questions were again pointed, but handled with aplomb.

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IL-10: Dan Seals: Economy, Health Care & Energy Top 3 Issues

Dan Seals spoke before Northside DFA at their October meeting, talking about why he's running for Congress in Illinois's 10th Congressional District.  

Seals spoke before a friendly audience, answering questions and giving his take on the Democratic primary.  Questions were pointed, but deftly handled.

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Change your settings on Twitter to stand with the Protesters

this message is making the rounds:

If anyone is on Twitter, go to Settings, set your location to Tehran and your time zone to GMT +3.30. Security forces are hunting for bloggers using location/timezone searches. The more people at this location, the more of a logjam it creates for forces trying to shut Iranians' access to the internet down. Cut & paste & pass it on.

probably not suitable for a diary, but...

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Who Needs Republicans?

No New Taxes.  Smaller Government.  Severe Cuts in the Social Safety Net.  These are key staples of the Republican Agenda.

They also happen to be the central tenets of the state budget pushed through by Speaker Michael Madigan.  Just because.

This isn't simply a profound failure of political leadership, but also a sharp rebuke to core Democratic values.  Note that the political Machine that Madigan heads isn't affected.  It's the poor, the children, the elderly, those at risk in our society that will bear the brunt of Madigan's power play.  COMEX Democrats and the Machine retain their jobs, their perks and their place of power.

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Stop Discrimination against Powerful, Rich White Guys

Barack Obama, black.  Sonia Sotomayor, hispanic.  Neither one of them card-carrying members of the status quo, the Trilateral Commission, or any other famous conspiracy group designed to perpetuate the power of the eastern establishment (made up of powerful, rich white guys).

Clearly, we live in a racist society.  How dare we -- HOW DARE WE! -- abandon the powerful, rich white guys who have the experience and influence to know better.  It's no wonder the economy has derailed and our influence in the world rapidly dropped since the inauguration of a non-white, non-powerful, not-nearly-as-rich man.  A man who's nominated a racist to the Supreme Court.

This cannot stand.  Powerful, rich white guys have long fed off the federal trough -- and their addiction to federal monies may be threatened by this preference for non-white, non-powerful, not-rich Americans.  It is simply unacceptable to allow others to partake of the federal government.  What was America thinking?

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Toni Preckwinkle Takes on Stroger in Cook Co. President's Race

On May 12, Ald. Toni Preckwinkle came down to the South Suburbs to talk to "Team Obama" at the Flossmoor Station as part of her outreach to the suburbs as she gathers momentum in her race for the Cook County Board President.  She mentions near the end that the previous evening she had been in Glenview (in the north suburbs).

She started off talking about what the Cook County Board does and her approach to County government.  But she quickly turned to answering the questions of the 50-odd people who showed up for our May meeting.

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Let Texas Secede

The United States of America elects Barack Obama and the first thing Texas wants to do is secede. Let 'em.

I'm sure that -- sometime, somewhere -- Texas Governor Rick Perry will claim that this isn't about the president's race, but why take the risk?  What does Texas bring to the table that America should be blackmailed into their particular version of patriotism.  If Texas doesn't want to be in the union, let them go.  F*ck 'em.  We don't need 'em.

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Crashing the (Tea) Party in Chicago

I admit it.  I could say the devil made me do it, but I just couldn't help myself.  I had to go down (up) to the 222 Riverside building so I passed Federal Plaza on Adams just as organizers were passing out signs.  So I thought I'd blend in.

Except the fact that I had on my Obama fleece, which I didn't exactly realize.

Still, no one seemed to mind.  I walked around Federal Plaza -- it wasn't exactly crowded, and estimates of a couple hundred sounds about right -- talking to people and asking why they came and where they were from.  More than a few admitted that they worked at the Merc.  Only one person admitted that they made their sign.  "Where's my bailout?" it said.  I wondered if that was (sorta) off message.

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How My Blog Beat the Mayor

I knew things were amiss when I walked into a meeting of bloggers and was called "the most influential blogger in Illinois" (really?  Rich Miller?  Josh Kalven? just sayin').  But I really didn't expect my blog to be credited (or blamed, depending on your point of view) for defeating Flossmoor's incumbent mayor on Tuesday.

Flossmoor is a sleepy bedroom community in the South Suburbs of Cook County.  It is probably best known for its architectural charm and golf courses.  I note with extreme irony to my friends that, as a resident of Flossmoor, I now live a mile from five golf courses.  In Florida where I grew up -- which has its share of golf courses -- I lived at least ten miles from the closest golf course, and the next closest one would have been double that.  Plus, I don't golf.

Roger Molski was appointed "mayor" of Flossmoor (technically, Flossmoor has a village government, which means that we elect a village president, some of whom prefer to be called mayor -- like Mayor Daley) in 1994.  In 2005, Molski was re-elected by winning 58% of the vote:


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Do Voters Matter to Progressives?

David Sirota would probably like to think his column, Measuring Electoral Success, adds to our understanding of how to advance the progressive agenda but it seems to serve basically as an apology for outside support of Tom Geoghegan's candidacy in the IL-05 special election.

Sirota writes:

There is a value in backing long shots, even if those long shots lose. In Geoghegan's case, many progressives supported someone who has been an important voice on so many issues, and who has had the courage to fight the good fight.

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