Why Obama surrogate John Kerry is wrong. Iin calling Bill Clinton is not Truthful.

When I read John kerry's recent comments and jabs about President Clinton and Hillary's campaign left me wondering why the most recent Democratic nominee is so off the mark. Literally he is saying Bill Clinton is dishonest for Questioning the inconsistencies of Obama, after his 2002 remarks against Iraq war. Also Bill Clinton not agreeing When Obama said for the last 10 to 15 Republicans having the better ideas(to be precise- Republican ideas which are against conventional wisdom). Iam not going to fall for the Obama's defence of ` Did I say they are good ideas'(That is so lame of a defence you cant sell even in a school yard ). Not to mention this is not slip of tongue kind of remark. He is thoughtful,methodical and clearly at the top of his game when issuing those observations to the Nevada Newspaper. First of all what Bill Clinton did was showing the inconsistencies in Obama's own words since 2003 and there after first with removing his 2002 remarks from website etc., his remarks that him not having difference with Bush, his remarks during 2004 not having differences with you and Edwards and votes on Iraq from there after. Coming back to the issue of last 10 to 15 years can we all agree that Obama is roughly talking about '93 onwards. Then why in the world when confronted Obama takes back to Reagan and his praise. The most disgusting thing about this is, MSM characterizing this something like one candidate praising Reagan and the other candidate not happy about that. In another remark praising Reagan and lumping Nixon & Clinton together, Obama must be enjoying that he was doing a masterful job of `killing two birds at one shot'. His goal of pandering to Conservative Newspaper editors and readers soft approval and expressing contempt for Bill Clinton(Why the contempt, I do not know exactly. My theory is his estimation of getting past Hillary is not possible without a discredited Bill Clinton's tenure). Going back to the real issue of ideas of last 10 to 15 years , for any fair minded Republicans, Independents and Democrats the debate is over (Although some Republicans don't concede that Clinton's tenure is successful since that is Too early in historical perspective for them to say so). So here a potential Democratic nominee trying to invalidate the rare success of a Democrat President in a generation.

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