It's Not Just 'Anti-Iraq', Pravin

Pravin, in 'breaking blue,' has a post 'It's Anti-Iraq War! Not Anti-War!':

....I think we need to get a message to the Democratic Party hopefuls who go on these talk shows to correct the interviewers firmly but politely that the descriptive word is Anti-Iraq war for strategic reasons.

Let's look at the "reality base" of this. We have one, rather conservative, rich Connectican Ned Lamont running against lunatic stealth Republican neocon "independent" Joey Boy Lieberman. So we come to find out that maybe our rich Connectican is presumptively not anti- Lebanon War. So what then? -- It becomes "Strategic" to just say we are "anti- Iraq War"? Not unless we want to never be taken seriously again.

Look at at the "reality base" of it again. In three weeks, the dimwittedest grunts will have discerned that the so-called "Lebanon War" is, in stark truth, a direct extension of the Iraq war, provoked by Der "Vice" President Cheney as a direct stepping- stone into Iran.

Look, for example at these two truthout articles:

Bush "Viewed War in Lebanon as a Curtain-Raiser for Attack on Iran"

Robert Parry: Israeli Leaders Fault Bush on War

So, let's not be too stupid about this stuff. I know Lamont carries a lot of freight for the netroots movement at the moment, but let's not let the public in, just yet, on about how we are as embubbled as Bush Jr. about these realities. I always take a "not neutered yet" position on this kind of thing.

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Israel Backed By Army Of Cyber-Soldiers

Just for the record, I am not anti-Jewish. Nor am I Jewish. Before the current massacre in Lebanon, I was on the fence about "Israel's right to exist." Since the neocons who the Israeli citizens allow to rule their country refuse to acknowledge Lebanon's right to exist, I now think Israel should do what the former Soviet Union did. I do not look favorably on governments that start wars merely because their "leaders" feel like it.

Below is information about a Times on Line article that all bloggers should pay very close attention to. You need not be anti-Jewish to resent government sponsored stealth trolls.

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I Was Israel's Dupe - By TOM HAYDEN

Some of you know that I joke arond here more than most. Frankly, even I could not make this stuff up. Something is rotten here. Hint: it deeply involves China. IT'S ALL A MUST-READ.

I Was Israel's Dupe

counterpunch, July 20, 2006

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A Few Loose Ends (1)

A Day of Baptism by Hate: It's time!!! Of course we are all consumed with righteous hatred for the heedless Sen. Lieberman, and I stand quite close to the front of the long line of critics. But, lets face the fact that there are more than a few sad gaps in our learning curves. I mean, while Ned Lamont is looking so pristine- neato in that coat of shining armor, way up there on that gorgeous white horse, there still is an even chance that he eventually administer us The Proverbial Royal Shaft. So I say, we baptize him now; get it over and done. We just tell him that it's time for his day of reflection and self- criticism in ye olde menstrual hut. So we let the guy know that on such- and- such a day, we pull an all- on- one total attack on every possible personal weakness he ever dreamed he ever might harbor. Just for the one day. I myself a quite sure I could ooze up a few drops of vile venom to contribute. Then we go right back to our starry- eyed admiration mode, to help him shoulder out that sleepy old rat Lieberman. Then he gets to reflect that while we can be loyal as any pack of well- weaned Alsatians, we are in fact able to turn on a dime on any candidate. That baptism could only improve his attitude regarding our ability to kick possible back-sliders real hard from behind. And harden him up a tad to boot.

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The Issue Of This Day Is Lebanon

Until now, the neocon- controlled U.S. military's Blitzkrieg attack on Fallujah was the biggest neocon- orchestrated disaster. See raw video HERE.

But now the entire nation of Lebanon is getting the Fallujah Blitzkrieg treatment. How long can the big "liberal" blogs go on whipping on Dead Horse Lieberman, while ignoring the plight of the innocent women and children of an entire country, who have no say whatsoever in the hostilities between the Nation of Israel and Hezbollah?

Every time I have stated that the killing of the innocents should cease, I have been attacked by stealth trolls. The big liberal blog proprietors continue to shrink away from "flame wars" with those stealth trolls. This must change, and it must change quickly.

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More Fake "Democracy"

Once again, I am speechless-!!!

Miriam Raftery
Published: Tuesday July 18, 2006 a_House_Candidate_Banned_from_City_0718. html

Florida House candidate banned from City of Alachua by judge
"I cannot investigate the stolen election," Grapski told RAW STORY.

In an astonishing turn of events, a judge has banned Charles Grapski, Democratic candidate for the Florida House of Representatives in the 23rd District, from entering the city of Alachua - his hometown - where Grapski had filed a lawsuit alleging election fraud by city officials in a city commissioner's race.

The ban occurred after Grapski was evicted by police from an Alachua City Commission meeting at which he attempted to have several items removed from a consent calendar - a list of non-controversial items that can be voted on without debate.

The UNDERNET should be buzzing.

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Hyper-Zionism = Neocon-Fascism

I bear no dislike for Jewish folks. But: Every time I mention that the Israeli junta has slaughtered too many Palestinians, I get my "trusted user" clearance revoked here. This is Bull excrement. Any candidate who advocates severing diplomatic relations with the current Israeli junta will now get my support.

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Uh... It Is Kerry, Not Lieberman, Who Is A Swiftboat Vet n/t


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Small Towns Hire Lobbyists For Big Bucks!

I do not know what to add. The lunatics not only have the damn keys....They now have lobbyists! ---

Excerpts from NYT article written by Jodi Rudoren and Aron Pilhofer:

Via The Raw Story, Saturday July 1, 2006.


Cities, towns, school districts, and other local governments and agencies are turning to lobbyists to pry loose federal dollar, the New York Times will report Sunday.


But in a last-ditch gambit, city officials hired a federal lobbyist who had known the local congressman for four decades. Within weeks, the congressman, Representative C. W. Bill Young, called the mayor to say he had slipped a special $50 million appropriation, known as an earmark, into an omnibus bill.

The city had originally sought $15 million. But Mr. Young -- a Republican who was then the all-powerful chairman of the Appropriations Committee and, as his lobbyist friend knew, believes public roads should be free -- raised it to eliminate the toll.

Since that windfall three years ago, Treasure Island has continued to pay $5,000 a month to the lobbying firm, Alcalde & Fay, and has continued to reap earmarks: $500,000 to fix a sewer plant, $625,000 to repair wooden walkways over the dunes, $450,000 for pedestrian crosswalks.

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The Federal (SEC!) Swift-Blogging Case Against Us

Years ago, I posted here that it would be a good idea for blog publishers to not do paid work for candidates. I was thinking about potential problems regarding the maintenance of credibility with blog subscribers. Now the pseudo-liberal New Republic and pseudo-conservative New York Times columnist David Brooks are accusing our publishers with dark crimes, and wicked moral lapses.

This is all bullshit. I have always claimed that whenever the SEC frog-marches some unfortunate Brooks Brothered Wall Street cowboy out of his plush office for things like "insider trading," we are witness to the most idiotic travesty of modern times (prior to Bush The Decider, of course.) Anyone who knows anything about the stock market knows that "insider trading" is totally routine, and that any sucker who wanders in with his or her wallet open would do considerably better in Vegas because of it.

So now we are portrayed as the killer rabid sheep controlled by these sinister blog publishers who supposedly have invented this arcane racket to milk the political process. Well this is pure bullshit. The SEC of all things! Years ago, I said that if the FEC were to wade into the blogoshere, we should revolt. I would post taglines like "THIS MESSAGE IS not AUTHORIZED BY PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH." I guess this is way bigger than:


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