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I still remember the ancient advertisements on my mom's TV (about 100 years ago) "CRAZY EDDIE IS GIVING IT ALL AWAY !!!" -- Crazy Eddie was a deep discounter in New York City. Well folks, let face it, WE ARE GIVING IT ALL AWAY !!!"

REGARDING OUR PERSONAL LIBERTIES. OUR FREEDOMS OF SPEECH AND ASSOCIATION, AND OUR RIGHTS TO NOETIC EQUITY -- just how hard would it be for us to begin RESISTING our pathetic habit of GIVING IT ALL AWAY ??? Well, in all honesty, it would be dirt simple !!! You, right now, could launch a painless, 100% politically safe little resistance, with the expenditure of a minuscule amount of effort. Show the bitches and bastards that you have a little backbone (or at least a primitive notochord): Please do the following:

Just mosey on over to this SourceForge web site:


Then simply download the AxCrypt encryption program! Just do it !!!

And from now on, whenever you send an e-mail, make sure to tack on an encrypted AxCrypt ".axx" attachment file. You can use a zip compression program to compress the file first, if you like. You should use a simple encryption code (key) about six characters long, which you can choose or not choose to divulge to your recipients.

There is little or (really) no chance that the (.axx) extension will be seized by some odd program and cause a malware program to execute. If you worry about which programs execute when files bearing odd extensions are opened, consider obtaining the "OpenExpert" program at:

http://pcworld.about.com/gi/dynamic/offsite.htm?site=http://www.pcworld.com/downloads/file_descripti on/0,fid,7177,00.asp

You can use this program to check on which programs execute when files bearing various on extensions (e.g. "Program.???") are opened. It's a slow download -- you may need "Free Download Manager":


If everybody simply encrypts a little something (like say, this diary) and attaches the resulting ".axx" file to most of their e-mails, our beloved, ever trustworthy government will never be able to afford enough supercomputers to decrypt them all, and we will all enjoy significantly enhanced freedom of privacy. This is a case of "USE IT OR LOSE IT" !!!

Below, I have included two very short comments that should wake a few people up to the dire threat to our freedoms of association and privacy that are amarching to our very doorsteps (and laptops) presently.

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Was Jesus Queer?

I had no idea they were this far out of orbit! Check this one out:

http://www.workingforchange.com/blog/index.cfm?mode=entry&entry=EAF73B35-9903-A67D-D4CD06995808A C7D


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DLC helps spread claim that 'progressives destroyed America'

There is a case to be made that Democrats should go on Fox News, even if it is a right-wing network, because the network blasts its content to the general public. But there is no case to be made that any non-right-wing lunatic should take part in an event at the fringe-conservative Heritage Foundation entitled "Did the Progressives Destroy America?" Unlike a Fox News show where you are speaking to potentially swing voters, there is no "general public" audience at this event - it is an event designed to perpetuate among the Washington, D.C. insider establishment the worst right-wing dishonesty. Any participation by our side helps legitimize this nonsense. Yet, incredibly, the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) is headlining the event.

That's right, Will Marshall - President of the DLC's Orwellian-labeled "Progressive Policy Institute" - is lending his name to the event and taking part. I guess we shouldn't be surprised - this is the same Will Marshall who calls Iraq War critics "anti-American." Sure, Marshall will disingenuously argue that he is there to "debate" the issue. But he's been in Washington long enough to know exactly what he's doing: deliberately helping to legitimize the worst right-wing lies. If there was ever a question as to whether the DLC is actively trying to undermine Democrats and the progressive movement in general, there shouldn't be anymore. The answer is, yes they are.

Are we really going to invite Heritage Foundation to our annual "Was Jesus Queer" debate?

Anyone think they will actually come?

If Congress Can Decide Any, Then It Must Decide All Constitutional Issues.

It should be plain as day to anyone with reason that if the Senate has the ability to decide what the Constitution says about it's own procedures, then surely the House and Senate must be able to decide the constitutionality of anything. Working together, they should be able to decide to eliminate all filibusters. In fact, since the courts are beholden to the Congress, it is plain as day that the House and Senate should be able to rescind any constitutionally based decisions of any court, including the Supreme Court by simple majority vote of both chambers.

What's Really Going on with This "Religious" Thing?

Well, here is what's really going on:

We have, in various so-called "red" parts of this country, a huge number of people who are very religious. In fact, they happen to be just a tad too religious by my reckoning. But that's merely my opinion.

These very-religious folks are undoubtedly fine and upstanding citizens who have, unfortunately, been snared in a nasty trap that has been meticulously set for them by a very organized corporate conspiracy.

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