It's Duct Tape Time In America.

These are some snippets from an interview by Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones of infowars (dot) com, on| October 24 2005. I am 100% confident that these honorable duct tape conservatives will not object to having them cited here. I will add my own take on this colossal scenario later when I get time, but for now, we absolutely must not overlook the vast significance of this present state of affairs. Please see:

Asked if he thought a staged terror attack was possible, a scenario previously considered by former CIA analyst Ray McGovern, Ritter responded,

"Yeah, you have people who have no regard for the rule of law. These aren't people who appreciate the Constitution, to them the Constitution is an impediment, it's an obstacle, it's something in the way, it's something to be avoided. They are married to an ideology of global domination, of global imperialism and they're not going to deviate from this."


"I'm not sure it's going to be as easy as they think it's going to be."

Ritter's claims have continually been proved to be accurate even in the face of numerous establishment media and government attempts to defame his character.

Ritter is the latest of a rash of credible people both inside and outside of government to voice concerns that a staged terror attack blamed on Iran or Syria could be used as the pretext to instigate pre-planned invasions and further entrench a police state in the US.

Former CIA analyst and Bush 41 staffer Ray McGovern gave similar sentiments as well as British Member or Parliament George Galloway.

Time to fill the bathtub and water jugs, stock up on batteries, and hit the cash machines!

Wars And Rumors Of Wars.

I have been hearing some chatter foreboding an imminent nuclear strike on 6 or 7 big cities by Al-Qaeda. If that happens, we must be prepared to carry on. We must never let such a thing become an excuse for the neocons to crush our democracy. They have already been too-well rewarded for bad behavior.

Harriet Miers Headed Commision That Fired Bush Service Record Investigator.

What in hell is there to say, folks?

"The commission fired Linares' replacement, Lawrence Littwin, in October 1997, four months after he was hired. Littwin's dismissal came amid a decline in sales, but the commission wouldn't say why he was fired. He had ruffled feathers for ordering lottery security officers to research campaign finance records of 30 current and former state officials.

Littwin claimed GTECH used its political influence to have him fired. Miers denied the accusation.

It was a lawsuit by Littwin that helped to ignite questions about whether Bush used political influence to avoid active duty during the Vietnam War.

Littwin's lawyers suggested that former Lt. Gov. Ben Barnes, who was a lobbyist for GTECH until January 1997, helped the company keep its state contract to run the lottery in exchange for keeping silent about helping Bush get into the National Guard in the late 1960s."

Barbara Bush (I) May Make Pat Robertson Look Like A Pacifist.

If this is for real, Pat Robertson's going to look like a pacifist.

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"...And you can criticize me, but don't criticize my children and don't criticize my daughters-in-law and don't criticize my husband, or you're dead." Shrub's mom

Not a single mention in the media of the bizarre threat.

There's more...

Shoot Florida Oranges First.

If this new "shoot first law" in Florida goes into effect on October 1, I am not going to buy any more Florida oranges. And I am going to pass up any orange-ingredient products that do not deny that they were made from Florida oranges. And I am going to give people from Florida the "French treatment." And more. IF THIS LAW MEANS I CAN BE SHOT BY ANY GUN TOTING THUG WHO GETS IT IN THEIR HEAD THAT I "THREATEN THEM" (AND CAN HIRE A LAWYER WHO CAN FIND A LENIENT JURY) -- THEN THIS IS WAR.

Bush Sceptical About North Korea's Nuclear Pledge?

From ( ):

"WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush said Monday that North Korea's pledge to end its nuclear weapons programs is a positive step, but he expressed some skepticism about whether Pyongyang will live up to its promises.

I find it astounding that this "president" is actually skeptical about the only single thing that may have gone right ever under his "administration." (Even so, I assume it will cost us at least about $20 billion.)

I am putting out this short entry only to acknowledge this really salient emerging story.

Somethings Rotten In Denmark.

Over at The American Street I posted:---

I got totally banned from Daily Kos because I insisted that it was simply wrong to make Cindy Sheehan starve to death.

I got deleted posts and a demotion at MyDD for insisting that conservatives ought not be "crushed," as they were just people who happened to be raised to be that way. (And after all, many of them want our Fearless Leader to be impeached.)

It's like a circular firing squad with cannibals.

America - Viewed As The Great Capitalist Economic Suicide Bomber.

Another of my necessary, though nasty, brutal, and short diaries. Consider:

Read it and weep.

HELP! Inocent Black Woman To Get Executed In 4 Days.

Please send e-mails to officials NOW !

It's quite easy, just go to former Attorney General Ramsey Clark's organization at:

New Orleans Declared a No-Feed Zone.

I'll make this diary entry nasty, brutal, and short. I was listening to the Coast-to-Coast-AM radio show late last night, and they had some very horrific things to say. According to them, the government has been saying that it cannot help the people stuck in New Orleans effectively because of a "total breakdown of communications." And yet, the military has repeatedly refused to allow the people from ARRL (the American Radio Relay League) to enter the city to provide emergency communications, as they have always done in past emergencies. And the military has been saying that all the radio bands are somehow "jammed up." However, ham radio operators with powerful rigs in adjacent areas are claiming that the ham band radio traffic in the New Orleans area is practically clear-channel -- no static at all! These ARRL volunteers are saying that this is the first time that they have ever been denied access to a disaster area by the military, ever.

It was also said that the military is haltin Red Cross units from delivering lifesaving services to survivors in the New Orleans No-Feed Zone. Independent reporters are also claiming that a giant convoy of truckers, driving private trucks jammed with food and medical supplies were halted and turned back at the New Orleans No-Feed-Zone military checkpoints.

In other words, these reporters are basically stating that government troops are deliberately sanctioning food and medical supplies, by preventing volunteers from bringing food and medical supplies into the besieged city of New Orleans. So, I huge number of old and poor white folks, and poor, unrepresented black folks are being left to starve and die.

What to do? Perhaps we need to be calling upon the United Nations to send in neutral observers.


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