Gen. Wesley Clark Should Be The One

I have tried very hard to avoid arguing about the merits of the various presidential candidates. Now that the short list of Obama's VP choices has become quite visible, nearly every one looks to have significant downsides, for a multitude of reasons. Looking at the list tonight, it occurs to me that Clark will be the only one who will be looking relatively good by November.

The world is quickly moving on, and a truly gigantic flock of chickens will be home to roost by November. The debacle in Georgia is the harbinger of things that are about to come. All of the economic indicators are moving into the red zone. Any confrontation with Iran at this point could lead to an immediate and dire economic chain reaction that would not be at all comfortable for the American people. Come November, things will not look the way they appear now in late August!

Nearly all of the potential VP candidates will fail to look like beacons of hope at that point! Gen. Wesley Clark may not be perfect, but I see him as the only VP candidate who can project much of a sense of hope when all those chickens return.

It is very frightening to think that any sane American could even think about voting for John McCain. Choosing Clark at this point would be a very good move indeed.

I see that Jerome Armstrong has noted CNN reporting that Senator Joe Biden will be chosen. I would only suggest that Clark would look much, much better than Biden, come November.

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Re: Gen. Wesley Clark Should Be The One

Umm. Check out my sig.

Getting that out of the way.

Do you know anything about Biden?

( you have 1 comment and this diary, hi aliveandkickin)

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Re: Gen. Wesley Clark Should Be The One

Hey, this guy could be a totally new troll.

Don't just assume he's aliveandkickin (unless you have a reason to believe it that I'm not aware of.)

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Re: Gen. Wesley Clark Should Be The One

Compare and contrast his writing.

Get back to me. ; )

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After the convention's over,

we should give amnesty to all the old troll names, and let them come back for Troll-nesty-palooza.  

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um.....its a smart pick.

Just because not everyone agrees with you doesn't mean they are wrong.

Both would have been great. He chose Biden.

by IowaMike 2008-08-22 10:47PM | 0 recs
Re: um.....its a smart pick.

I have to agree. Both have their strengths, and my choice would have been Clark, but its a smart pick. A good, smart attack dog with everything the McSame and PUMA camps say Sen. Obama lacks in spades. Clark will make a great SecDef when eligible in 2010, if he doesn't decide to run for Senate before then.

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I Haven't Been Around For Awhile

But I have maybe 30 megabytes of text, or more, that I've posted here.

I have been hanging out at the financial/ energy/ foreign relations blogs. I read these nuts and bolts blogs across the political spectrum, and comment on the progressive ones. They are distinctly different from these political blogs in some respects. They all share a deep and pervasive sense of raw panic that the political blogs do not, for one thing. And I am now pretty panicky myself, frankly.

I would feel much better with a military general close at hand, actually.

by blues 2008-08-23 01:04AM | 0 recs


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