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  • your homophobia is so TIRESOME!!  By the way, let me let you in on a secret i figured out when i was about 6--  just because you say something doesn't make it true!!

    Your suggestion that "illegals" will gain voting rights sometime soon and then be an anti-gay block is pretty ridiculous.  In the first place, even if immigration reform were imminent, i think most plans require a substantial waiting period before full citizenship rights.  Secondly, these people are not living in a bubble.  If the rest of the country's viewpoint is shifting, why is it reasonable to assume that it's any different among the undocumented (some of whom have been in this country for many years, might i remind you...)

    Furthermore, what is glaringly apparent in poll after poll on this issue is that younger voters are REMARKABLY more likely to favor gay marriage.  Coincidentally, immigrants have higher birth rates than native born citizens.  This disproves your point on its face, as more of the younger generation who strongly supports gay marriage is made up of immigrants and the children of immigrants than the older generations who don't support gay marriage, as well as dooming your argument about immigration reform and its long-term impact on marriage equality as apparently, more immigrants=more young people=more support for marriage equality.

    Lastly, i highly doubt that there is a state in the union with more undocumented workers than New York.  A recent poll found that not only is gay marriage supported by a majority of residents, it also enjoys majority support in every region of the state, among Latinos (who make up the largest share of undocumented workers in the country), and Catholics (which are also a large share of immigrants, particularly from central/south america).

    In light of all this and with regards to your long-standing homophobia, you sir (or madam??) have earned an epic  F A I L  !!!

  • HRC is SOOOOOOOOO out of touch!  they don't understand how politics has changed.  they're operating in like a clinton-era time warp.  which sucks, because as the most visible gay rights organization in the country, they're doing a disservice to the community.

  • I'm a millenial who went to public school, and i don't think that it has all that much to do with it.  (and BTW-- for all the "everybody's a winner" comments upthread, kids know EXACTLY what the deal is there...  this kind of ridiculous programming is a part of why i think my generation is the one that begat things like the daily show.  generation irony???)

    quite frankly (and i might get flamed for this), i think my generation is solidly democratic because we are the ones inheriting the detritus of previous generations' excesses and what we value most is the pragmatism that it will take to clean up this mess.  At this point in history, the republican party is the party of strict ideology (of a particular backward looking variety) while the democratic party has the vitality to rethink policy and find a solution that works.  

    the generation that i think we will be most like is that that was coming of age during the depression.  we embrace the "group" because we know that it's going to take all of us working together to fix this country.  We have to clean up for the uncompromising individualism of the baby boomers and the nihilism of gen X.  After two generations whose fundamental political viewpoints were about themselves (leave me alone!  get out of my bedroom[-- 60's]  get out of my paycheck [--80's]), our generation realizes that the governments has to be for all the people.  


  • i agree about paterson being sadly mistaken, but ironically, i think this is one of the only issues where his advocacy could honestly make a difference for the better by persuading former senate colleagues who may be on the fence to support this bill.

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    I was in the early part of my college years when this happened, and it was right around when the Iraq war business was starting.  I remember being in a cab and hearing about Daniel Pearl, and that news mixed with everything that Bush was doing just made me think "the world is going crazy..."

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    no shit.  identity politics can be very blinding...

    (sorry if that seems harsh, but it is what it is)

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    the church DOES oppose both.  while i disagree with them, i can sort of appreciate their consistency, and also appreciate the fact that the american church is strongly anti-death penalty even though the american public (in most states) is not.

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    "Judeo-Christian (protestant)"

    WTF does that mean????  are jews somehow now included in protestantism??  and what about catholics and orthodox??

    methinks you speak from your ass...

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    the logical take down was amazing.  pat yelled just as much as o'donnell.  you're full of shit...

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    you nailed this-- i've never met a catholic like the ones they're always putting up on the TV and i've been surrounded by them my whole life...

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    catholic teaching is equally opposed to the death penalty and to abortion.  there is no difference.

  • astute commentary

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    i basically agree with krugman.  he just doesn't seem to be pulling any punches and he's also seeing the long view, which is more than most people who are spewing out ideas.

    my hope is that as we have already seen, this latest plan is not the last word on the administration's bank policies.  wall st. is still moribund and the banks are still a mess, but i think as of yet, people are still giving obama the benefit of the doubt on this one.  they see that the administration is trying and they're making adjustments along the way, but the banks just can't seem to pull themselves together.  if this plan also doesn't result in a normalization of the banking system, i think it becomes more and more feasible for the administration to move towards something resembling nationalization as a move of "last resort".  


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