Clinton to pick up 2 more NJ superdelegates?

Hillary Clinton is slated to pick up two additional unpledged add-on delegates when the Democratic State Committee meets later this week to choose add-on and alternate delegates. Sources say that former Governors Brendan Byrne and Jim Florio will be chosen as the two add-on superdelegates. According to a Clinton press release, both endorsed Hillary Clinton last year. Clinton defeated Obama in the New Jersey primary by 54%-44%.

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Building Progressive Infrastructure in NJ (We need your help)

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In case you didn't realize it - the world isn't perfect. The news that you pay for is too often shallow, directed at some other market, or simply infected with personal or ideological biases to the point where it is useless. You pay for the newspaper. You pay for cable TV. You pay and pay and pay and you have absolutely no say in what they do.

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Earlier this month we learned that Blue Jersey will be awarded the 2007 Lieutenant Laurel Hester Prize for Citizen Courage"for being a national model in how a blog can become an unstoppable engine to move society toward equality for all."

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