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    I'm glad this topic has come up

    I have long believed that Democrats who are elected to office have a responsibility to help Democratic challengers who are seeking office.  This year in particular, helping Democratic challengers has the potential to change the direction of the country meaningfully and immediately.

    Since the numbers cited above are not accurate and the updates are not fully informed, I thought it was important to let you know what I am doing to elect Democrats from New Jersey and other states.  I contributed $100,000 to DCCC by the third quarter so the party could make investments in late-breaking pick-up races.  Beyond that, however, I have given $50,000 from my campaign to Frontline Democrats, Red 2 Blue candidates, and other Democratic challengers.  Also, in addition to raising funds for my own campaign, I raised another $50,000 for the DCCC and Red 2 Blue campaigns directly.  For example, just looking at Linda Stender's campaign, I have spent hours of call time with Linda asking donors to support her candidacy, worked with Rep. Jack Murtha to do a press conference with her last week, and gave from my campaign the maximum allowable under federal law (I do not have a PAC).  By the way, I've also given to Paul Arohnson and Carol Gay.  Outside of New Jersey, I have traveled to help Democratic candidates in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New York, and Arizona.  As the election nears and I make decisions about GOTV, mail, and other campaign needs in Central New Jersey, I will continue to see how I can be helpful to Democratic candidates around the country.

    I share this not to pat myself on the back.  I give what I can while still keeping enough to execute a robust campaign, respond to potential NRCC sneak attacks, and prepare for the next cycle with enough to stay off the Republican target list.  No one wants to take back the House more than I do, and I am proud of what I am doing to help make that happen.

    -Rush Holt

    by: Rush Holt @ Fri Oct 20, 2006 at 15:01:42 PM EDT

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    NJ's sales tax is not like most states' - it exempts food and clothing. It is pretty progressive.

    We recently had a millionaires tax, and there is fear that raising it again will drive wealthy people out of the state. Some are already living half the year in Florida to avoid having to pay income taxes. There are diminishing returns as you continue to increase it, and that's what's preventing them from raising it.

    Anyway, the Assembly today has proposed a budget that has neither tax increase - it just expands the sales tax to some additional services.

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    You're talking about "property tax rebates". That's not the same thing as lowering property taxes. It's a gimmick.

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    Municipalities set property taxes, not the state. It's not up to Corzine.

  • NJ has one of the most progressive sales taxes in the nation, with food and clothing exempt from the tax.

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    Rasmussen predicted Corzine would beat Forrester by 9 points, and he did.

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    Cory, not Corey
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    Why do you hate Paul Hackett?


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