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    The Hillary consistantly playing the Victim Card every time her campaign is on the brink?  The boys were ganging up on her in Philadelphia.  Tim Russert was asking mean questions.  In New Hampshire, Edwards and Obama were ganging up on her.  It's difficult and I'm going to try to squirt some tears.  (But she couldn't even do that.  She did that whole fake crying thing with her breathing and speech pattern.) It's very embarrassing.  The victim card is the only non-nuclear option that The Hillary's campaign has left.  Obama said "When she's down" not "when she's feeling down".  This is grasping at straws.  There was no "dog-whistle" to all of the sexists who think that she's just "on the rag".
    Besides, she's 60.  That ship has probably already sailed.
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    To suggest that The Hillary's campaign is not fully funded is the absolute weakest take that I have ever read on this board.  How much has she raised? $120 million?  More?  The problem with The Hillary's campaign is that she's put together a top heavy organization that's centered around high dollar advisors.  Despite this, The Hillary hasn't received good advice; the campaign has been mismanaged.  They overspent by millions of dollars in Iowa because they were planning on a one punch knockout of the other campaigns.  It turned out to be a bad choice, since it didn't work.  It would have been brilliant if they'd won, but they lost.
    Frankly, it was reckless of a prohibative frontrunner to gamble like that in Iowa.  There wasn't any need for it.  She couldv'e just put up a decent fight and lowered expectations from the start, instead of in the last 3 days.
    Poor planning and wasteful spending.  Scrambling to change directions every time the wind shifts.  How many different slogans has The Hillary's campaign had?  That is why she lost.  And she has lost.  She may win in Ohio and Texas, but won't garner enough delegates.  She is in a death spiral.  The campaign doesn't even have enough cash on hand to be hemorrhaging dollars.
    It's done.
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    Responding only to the first paragraph and completely ignoring your 'different color' dog whistle...
    My take on this is that he is looking to push Edwards even futher down in the race than he is.  The campaign needs to see Edwards finish low.  They want to see him in a distant 3rd place so that he realizes that this isn't going to happen and drops out.  Or, Edwards can stay in and we can look forward to the headline "Edwards Stops Obama From Stopping Hillary" and then watch another Repug finish the work that W started.
    Merry Christmas, btw.
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    The Hillary doesn't care about the online community.  She knows that we will still chew glass and vote for her if she gets the nomination. I'm including myself in this, even though I hate me for it.
    It irritates me that she doesn't care what we think, but The Hillary still has my vote in the general if she survives. Her Democratic Party Front-Runner position isn't the best place to be 18 months before the election, but she's better than anything going on the other side.
    That is what the The Hillary is counting on.  She can tell us all to take it all the way and we'll still vote for her in he general because there's nothing else.  Quite a few of us went the jackass route and voted for the ego-maniacal whack job Nader to make a point.  We made our point and it's cost us too much. Our country is f'd because we wanted our voice to be heard. Well, it was and we have to get our collective crap back together and try to bring our country back from the brink..  
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    Come on, brother.  Is this the best that you have?  Michelle Obama sat on the board of a company that produced product for Wal-Mart?  Companies that do business with Wal-Mart are not any better off than the people that work for the big blue box.  Wal-mart allows the smallest of profit margins while imposing the most brutal quality assurance standards.  As a U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Inspector, I have seen the requirements that Wal-mart places on the companies that supply them while offering the slimmest of margins.  The only way that these companies are "In bed" with wal-mart is that they are getting screwed by Wal-Mart almost as hard as Wal-mart workers. Trying to make a case that Sen. Obama is unfit to lead because of this connection between his wife and a Wal-Mart supplier betrays your true nature. You are a proponent of one of his opponents and are starting from the point of view and are trying to come up with reasons to justify youre dislike. Frankly, if this is the worst thing that anyone can come up with , Senator Obama is going to do just fine.


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