Welcome to the GE, Mr. McCain. The free ride is over.

Tonight there was a stark contrast struck between the two candidates for President that was unmistakable: a man sleepily speaking to a room that looked like it belonged in a Holiday Express, and an oratorical spectacle of a man declaring truth to power in a display that would make Cicero envious.

I want to thank the GOP brainchild who thought it would be a good idea for Senator McCain to deliver a prepared speech in the place and manner in which he did.  Whoever you are, you've done the Democratic Party a terrific and important service.  I don't think there could have been a more perfect distinction made between the Republican and Democratic contenders than what we saw tonight.  Hilarious.

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Can Obama Ignore Clinton?

I'd be interested to hear some input.

I'm not saying that this is what Obama should do.  But if the contest now swings entirely on the super-d's and their individual judgement, what about the Obama campaign doing a complete 180 from the intra-party pie fight and concentrating all of his considerable firepower on the real enemy: McCain?

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