Bill and Hillary Clinton were asleep at the wheel before 9/11

This is the most devastating attack that McCain will use against Hillary.  Not only is she less experienced than he is on national security and has flip-flopped on the War in Iraq, the Bankruptcy bill, No Child Left Behind, and a host of other issues, the Clinton foreign policy, which she claims as a part of her 35 years of experience, oversaw the massive rise of Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda and the Clinton administration's woefully inept efforts to halt the march of terrorism to our shores.  The Clinton administration's anti-terrorism efforts will be huge fodder for McCain in the gemeral election.  

The bottom line is that Al-Qaeda planned, funded, and organized the 9/11 attacks right under the Clintons' noses.  They built their bases in full view of the world in Afganistan, while the Clinton Administration was distracted by its own domestic scandals.  

McCain will say: The 3AM call did come to Bill and Hillary Clinton during the years of the 1990's before 9/11, but they failed to pick up the phone.  They didn't halt the gathering storm that began with the first WTC attack, the embassy bombings, and the USS Cole.  As a result, 3000 Americans were defenseless against the evil of Osama Bin Laden. I will never let you or your children down.

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SUSA Underestimates Indies in OH and TX polls

According to the AP exit poll:

"Early exit polls show independents are a sizable chunk of the electorate in presidential primaries in Ohio, Texas, Rhode Island and Vermont.

In all those states except Rhode Island, Tuesday's primaries were ``open,'' meaning all voters could choose which party's contest to vote in. In Rhode Island, only registered independents could choose between parties.

The surveys for The Associated Press and television networks found self-described independents were about one in five voters in Ohio's Democratic primary, one in four in Texas, a third in Rhode Island and four in 10 in Vermont.

Exit poll results for Republican primaries were available only in Ohio and Texas. In Ohio, independents were about one in seven GOP voters, in Texas one in five."

SUSA, in its final polls for both states, estimated that Indies would be 12% in Ohio (vs. 20% in the AP exit poll) and 13% (vs. 25% in the AP exit poll).  Conclude from this what you choose.

SUSA Ohio: rt.aspx?g=96160e3e-e0bc-44cb-8273-28a16e dbf219
SUSA TX: rt.aspx?g=d7698664-137f-46f0-ba92-32aea4 73d72e

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New Zogby: Obama leads both OH & TX narrowly

3/3 tracking polls D=1460

Obama 47%
Clinton 44%

Obama 47%
Clinton 45%

In the Democratic race in Texas, Clinton and Obama saw stability set in among the key demographic groups. Obama leads among men, and the two are essentially tied among women. Clinton continues to enjoy a sizable lead among Hispanic voters, but Obama has made gains in the last day among white voters, where the two are now tied.

Obama continues to enjoy a two-to-one lead among voters under age 30, while Clinton leads 54% to 31% among voters age 65 and older. Obama continues to lead in the Dallas and Houston areas, while Clinton leads in more rural areas, including southern Texas. But in the key swing area of east Texas, Obama has surged into a tie with Clinton. While he trailed her 45% to 38% just a day ago, it was Obama 45%, Clinton 44% in that area at the end of yesterday's polling, but the numbers in that region have been volatile.

In Ohio, there is very little movement as the Democratic candidates have solidified their support among those groups that have come to be familiar supporters of each. Obama leads Clinton among men by a 54% to 39% margin, while Clinton leads Obama among women by a 51% to 42% edge. The Obama increase in support among men is likely what has moved him ahead of Clinton.

Obama continues to lead among Ohio voters under age 50, while Clinton remains strongest among voters over age 50. Clinton leads in the rural areas of Ohio and in Cincinnati, while Obama leads in the Democratic bastion of Cleveland and the state capital of Columbus.

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New WFAA Texas Tracking Poll: All Tied

Obama 46%
Clinton 46%

It looks like this will come down to GOTV.  Obama's great work among early voters in this poll suggests that his ground game may be superior to Clinton's. faa/poll/data/0302/summary0302.pdf

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Obama could hit $60-70 million in February

Check this out: obama-60m-in-february

As of Feb 21, Obama had 582,525 donors in 2008, that included 256,000 in January and approx 327,000 in February.  Now Obama's number of public donors in 2008 stands at a whopping 909,525 for 2008, meaning an amazing 650,000+ donors for February alone.  If he keeps the avg contribution of $140, that multiplied by 650,000 is a STAGGERING $91,000,000.  Now, clearly the Jan avg contribution has gone down quite a bit. I don't have anything to base that on other than me trying to be a bit conservative, but I am guessing that the avg may be down to $90-$110 per donor, which would put him in the $58.5 million-$71.5 million range.  WOW!!!

The current number of 2008 donors (not simply donations) for Obama: e_c/sofar08_sidebar/graphic

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New Ras TX and PA Polls [Nat # UPDATE]

The trends are clear.


Obama 48% (45%)(44%)(38%)
Clinton 44% (46%)(47%)(54%)

Current numbers (Sunday numbers) (last Thu numbers)(two weeks ago) ontent/politics/election_20082/2008_pres idential_election/texas/texas_democratic _presidential_primary

"Barack Obama has moved ahead of Hillary Clinton in Texas.

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey shows Obama attracting 48% of the vote while Clinton earns 44%. Eight percent (8%) remain undecided and another 12% say it's possible they could change their mind. That latter figure includes 3% who say there's a good chance they could change their mind.

Obama leads by sixteen points among men, but trails by nine among women. Clinton's lead among Hispanic voters is down to seven percentage points."

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Texas Tracking Poll Shows Obama Rising

This is the tracking poll that Clinton supporters were citing yesterday (was 46-43 for Clinton yesterday) to give themselves some "hope." Oh well, so much for that. stories/khou080227_tj_texaspoll.3a91068. html

Just one percentage point now separates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in Texas. According to the second day of our exclusive 11 News Belo Texas poll, Clinton leads Obama, 46-percent to 45-percent. Because we have included an additional night of polling in our statistics, the margin of error has dropped to plus or minus 3.6 percent.

Data provided by our polling firm, Austin-based Public Strategies, Inc., indicates that Obama has done better among likely voters each night of our three-night poll. We will continue to interview likely voters at random each night through the election.

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New OH GE Poll: Obama more electable itics/blog/2008/02/obama_clinton_strong_ for_mccai.html
U of Cincinatti Ohio Poll:

Obama 48%
McCain 47%

McCain 51%
Clinton 47%

There is more at stake in Ohio than the prospects for the Democratic Party's presidential candidates in Tuesday's primary election there.

In the bellwether state that typically rings clear with the nation's preferences for a president, a tight race looms for the Democratic nominee and Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona, according to the Ohio Poll.

In the battle for Ohio's 20 electoral votes, Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois stands virtually even with McCain in a general election matchup tested in the Feb. 21-24 survey sponsored by the University of Cincinnati. The score: Obama 48, McCain 47.

In a matchup of Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York and McCain, the Republican draws 51 percent of the Ohioans surveyed, and Clinton 47 percent.

While Obama supporters may take these results as evidence of what Obama was saying in last night's debate in Cleveland -- that he represents his party's strongest contender in a race with McCain -- the Clinton-McCain matchup sits within the margin of error in this poll -- plus or minus 3 percentage points -- portraying either Democratic candidate as a powerful nominee for the party in that expected November contest with McCain.

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New PA Poll: Obama within 6% politics/wire/sns-ap-poll-2008-pennsylva nia,1,368185.story

Hillary Rodham Clinton, 49 percent

Barack Obama, 43 percent



This primary is not until April 22, but it is yet another measurement of Obama's momentum. Just two weeks ago in Pennsylvania, Clinton led in this survey by 52 percent to 36 percent. During that time, voters under age 45 have gone from favoring Clinton by 11 percentage points to preferring Obama by 17 points. She leads among women, whites, older voters and those without college degrees; Obama leads among men, blacks and college graduates. A quarter of each candidate's supporters say they might change their minds about whom to back.


The Quinnipiac University poll was conducted by telephone from Feb. 21-25. It involved interviews with 506 likely Democratic voters in Pennsylvania and has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 4.4 percentage points.

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Barack Obama Reaches ONE MILLION Donors

History was made early, early this morning as Barack Obama reached the rarified air of ONE MILLION donors at 4:45AM EST.  You can check the current count here  I think he'll reach at least 1 million more new donors in the next 6 months before the convention.

We have a great candidate of change to take this country into the future.  Senator Clinton ran a great race.

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