1202 to 1042

Once again, if you want to know why Hillary Clinton has gone from inevitable frontrunner to a candidate who is 8 days away from the end, it's because she has been ill served by her closest advisors (Penn + McCauliffe) and her most ardent supporters in the media and the web.

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Do You Have Obama's Back?

As we all know, it does not matter who the Democratic nominee is when it comes to Republican smears and Republican swiftboating.  Whoever that nominee is, that person was going to be attacked mercilessly and unfairly.

The question to you is whether you will stand idly by when Obama is attacked unfairly or whether or not you will stand with Bush and McCain while this happens.

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The 3 Moments Hillary Blew The Debate

For more than 50 minutes last night, Hillary Clinton did an outstanding job in the debate.  She articulated issues, positions, was honest about Obama, showed composure and a warm human side, etc...

And Hillary's final 3 minutes of the debate were also outstanding.  I think it was her best 3 minutes of the entire campaign.  If her entire campaign had taken that tone, instead of the Pennian tone we've seen since November, she would have t been the nominee.  

So while recognizing these positive moments (wouldn't it be nice if the Hillary choir could be gracious as well) there were 3 moments in which Hillary blew it and guaranteed that Ohio and Texas will be the end of her campaign.  I'll list the reasons and explain why thereafter.

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Obama opens up 159 Delegate Lead

It's sad that the lying from a few of the ardent Clinton supporters is so brazen that these ardent supporters have taken it upon themselves to misrepresent the actual delegate count to their fan base.

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260 Obama Solutions

I posted much of this at Daily Kos. http://www.dailykos.com/user/davefromque ens

It is an incomplete list, dozens of more could be added.  I agree with most of the list. The point is that Obama is a man of tremendous substance and specifics, a zillion times more so than John BushMcCain.  Go to Obama's campaign site and see the specifics.

Moreover, a list of this length could also be compiled for Hillary Clinton.  She too has offered many substantive and positive ideas.  In fact, both candidates have many similarities with their ideas.

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Hillary Voted For Cluster Bombs

40% of all people killed by cluster bombs are children.

Hillary Clinton supported them.  Barack Obama voted to ban them.

http://www.buzzflash.net/story.php?id=41 431

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Obama Wins Virginia, Hillary Loses Virginia

As if Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Nevada, Colorado, and several other states were not enough, here's two more.

http://www.surveyusa.com/client/PollRepo rtEmail.aspx?g=bbe615f5-c846-4849-a0c2-9 99687fd54c4

Yep Obama beats mcCain in Virginia by 6 but hillary loses by 3.

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Will Hillary Do the Right Thing?

This is very simple.  There are 3 things Hillary can do.

1.  Pledge that the winner of pledged delegates will be the Democratic nominee. Of course Obama would have to reciprocate.

2.  Agree either to split the Florida delegates or schedule a closed primary.

3.  See number 2 above but substitute Michigan.

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SUSA says Obama crushes McCain but Hillary Gets Crushed

Yesterday I put up a bunch of polls from Rasmussen.  This one is from SUSA which has shown to be remarkably accurate and actually had the Clinton victory in California called most accurately.

http://www.surveyusa.com/client/PollRepo rtEmail.aspx?g=a661ced6-61db-4aea-a60c-e be256c4676c

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Obama Trounces McCain. McCain trounces Hillary.

In state after state, millions of voters are making it clear.  They'll vote for Obama in the general but will not vote for HRC.  Since the two are similar on the issues, this is astounding.

In Colorado, we have A TWENTY ONE point swing.  That's right.  http://www.angus-reid.com/polls/view/299 15/half_of_nevadans_would_back_obama_in_ 2008/

This is the state of Nevada, a state ripe to turn blue that if combined with Iowa, Colorado, and the Kerry states puts Dems over the top.  Of course I think Obama will win Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Florida, and many other states Bush won in 2004 as well.

And it's not just Colorado.  

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