These Economically Insecure White People

You know, he [Bush] wants to divide us over race. I'm from the South. I understand this. This quota deal they're gonna pull in the next election is the same old scam they've been pulling on us for decade after decade after decade. When their economic policies fail, when the country's coming apart rather than coming together, what do they do? They find the most economically insecure white men and scare the living daylights out of them. They know if they can keep us looking at each other across a racial divide, if I can look at Bobby Rush and think, Bobby wants my job, my promotion, then neither of us can look at George Bush and say, 'What happened to everybody's job? What happened to everybody's income? What ... have ... you ... done ... to ... our ... country?'"

And who made these remarks?  

Bill Clinton in 1991.

He was right then.  Obama was right now. /bill-clinton-flashback-al_n_96433.html

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Re: These Economically Insecure White People

What about...

"If [Republicans] could cut funding for Medicare, Medicaid, education, and the environment, middle-class Americans would see fewer benefits from their tax dollars, feel more resentful paying taxes, and become even more receptive to their appeals for tax cuts and their strategy of waging campaigns on divisive social and cultural issues like abortion, gay rights, and guns."

-- Bill Clinton, in his 2004 memoirs, My Life, making the same argument as Sen. Barack Obama.

by Bobby Obama 2008-04-13 08:06PM | 0 recs
Re: These Economically Insecure White People

Bill Clinton...

Isn't he the guy who fixed the country after George Bush?

Aren't we having a problem with a messed up country compliments of a one George Bush?

Maybe one of the candidates could get Bill Clinton to consult for them, maybe take a cabinet position....

You know someone who has some form of connection to him...

by DTaylor 2008-04-13 08:16PM | 0 recs
Re: These Economically Insecure White People

Nice deflection.

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Thanks for the post

The fake outrage from HRC is actually making me sick. I am looking forward to this backfiring...and it will. Usually, when you take over Republican talking points as HRC is doing - others in the party dont like it.

You should Update your diary with the Webb quote from 2006:

The politics of the Karl Rove era were designed to distract and divide the very people who would ordinarily be rebelling against the deterioration of their way of life. Working Americans have been repeatedly seduced at the polls by emotional issues such as the predictable mantra of "God, guns, gays, abortion and the flag" while their way of life shifted ineluctably beneath their feet. feature.html?id=110009246

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Re: These Economically Insecure White People

hmmm, did Bill slam people's religion & guns?  Did he state "they" or did he include himself with the word "us"?

face it, Obama spoke about rural voters and demeaned their culture by trying to use it as an excuse for their bitterness over the economy.

I guess Obama was bitter when he clung to his faith.

by colebiancardi 2008-04-14 03:03AM | 0 recs


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