ROBOTcall: Ardent Obama supporter on the board

An ardent supporter of Obama is also on the board of Women's Voices Women Vote according to Politico .

"There are some arguing that this was a pro-Clinton conspiracy, rather than a disruptive mistake, as the group claims; those suggestions are based in part on the fact that Maggie Williams used to be on the group's board, and that it's staffed with other former Clinton types.

This seems, so far, unconvincing to me. Also on the board, for instance, is William McNary, the president of the progressive coalition USAction and a leader of Illinois Citizen Action who has been, reportedly, a vigorous Obama supporters since his 2004 Senate race. " 408/Obama_camp_responds_to_robocalls.htm l

Do we now blame the Obama campaign for voter suppression and other dirty campaign tactics?

Truth shall set you free!

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