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    The way you are insulting everyone here and calling people names my suspicion is that you are a Republican plant to ensure that Hillary supporters never vote for Obama.

    Great job!

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    Other than winning this nomination, after losing the popular vote, by wins in anti-democratic red state caucuses.

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    by dismissing the great many of us who are planning to switch to McCain.

    I have heard this sentiment from people I know in my life with whom I have never discussed politics and didn't suspect to be Hillary supporters. They are eager to bring up primary politics and volunteer their plan to switch.

    I am not afraid of supreme court judges and issues like that because we will have a Democratic Congress.

    Asking Democrats who don't support Obama to leave the party is not wise because most of us plan to support other Democrats down the ticket.

    Would you prefer we don't support them too?

    Is it not fascist to expect loyalty oaths to one candidate?

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    I am a Hillary supporter who will vote for McCain in the fall.

    I cannot get over the fact that Obama is the least qualified candidate to be nominated for the presidency of this great country.

    The last one was Bush Jr. and look what that brought us. I cannot support a candidate just because he is our unqualified candidate.

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    I am a Hillary supporter. I have been called a racist, a part of the "old coalition," not a real democrat, and much more by Obama's online supporters.

    I have also watched since January, Obama and his campaign play the race card against the Clintons. I have watched Obama's sexist behavior and his nixing of a re-vote in Florida and Michigan.

    I have watched you Obama supporters call voters in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Kentucky racist for supporting Hillary Clinton.

    Most importantly, I have seen you all show utmost disrespect to Hillary Clinton.

    I am a Democrat who willwrite-in Hillary Clinton in the fall if she is not the nominee and will never ever support Obama. Thanks, but no thanks.

    Obama is a rookie who is four years out of the state senate and a first-term U.S. senator. he is not qualified to be president.

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    Getting these numbers in sparsely attended caucuses is underwhelming.

    She is winning the swing states and winning an amazing margin in a contested primary with high turnout.

    This is after the media declared the contest over and yet people came out and voted for her.

    Obama is a very weak candidate.

    His lead is all based on caucus wins.

  • That ought to turn us in to Nobama supporters.

    Keep up the good work.

    Obama and his supporters are turning themselves into irrelevance.

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    The fact the media is in the tank for Obama doesn't hurt. It always helps put on the most favorable narrative for him.

    Well, we have got another McGovern/Dukakis in our hands. AAs also have a right to their losing candidate.

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    She quoted them accurately because that is the truth.

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    is how Paul Begala put it on CNN yesterday night. Good luck with winning with that coalition. Dukakis won 10 states with that. Obama may win a few more states but he ain't becoming the next president and it would appear that the Democratic party will once again foolishly nominate a far-left liberal.

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    Good luck to you all about the Coronation of Prince Barack.

    Thanks for all the condescending posts about Hillary who would be our nominee today if we follwed the same winner-take-all rules of the Republicans.

    She has won everyone of the swing states in the mid-west, has won more big states him and attracts Reagan Democrats.

    Obama leads in the pledged delegates because of his wins in red state caucuses and because of overwehelming support among the AA voters.

    Thanks for your "kindness" in offering Hillary some bones. It is the same condescending and insulting mentality that has angered millions of Hillary supporters like me through this campaign. 50% of Hillary supporters in IN and NC said they would not vote for Obama if he were to eb the nominee.

    After the way we were treated by the porgressive blogs now you want us to support Obama?

    Good luck with that!

    I am writing-in Hillary in the fall. I will not vote for an unqualified candidate. Hillary, of course, can do whatever she wants. She has earned that right. My loyalty is only to her and to her policies. It does not translate to anyone else.

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    How about $5,000 donation to the winner's favorite charity?

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    Hillary did not get Bob Johnson to go out and trash Obama. He did that on his own.

    With you guys, Obama always gets a pass for the disgusting remarks of Jesse jackson, Jr, Doug Wilder, and Al Sharpton but anything anyone says is Hillary's fault.

    Stop smearing Hillary Clinton. This is why we Hillary supporters are disgusted with Obama and his supporters.

    Hillary lost the black vote because Obama played the race card against her. This was a deliberate strategy aided and abetted by a compliant liberal media.


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