Exposing Robert Stacy McCain's Neo-Nazi Connections

Charles Johnson has taken a lot of flack over the past two years for his efforts to point out that, yes, there are some nuts among the conservative commentariat who make ridiculous charges, attack their enemies for behavior they excuse among allies, and make strange associations with anti-Enlightenment miscreants of every sort. Whereas he was once universally celebrated among the right for his work with Rathergate and other stories in which he took a leading investigative role, for co-founding Pajamas Media, and for otherwise advancing the reputation and influence of the blogosophere, he's now being attacked by many of the same conservative pundits for his work in exposing former Washington Times editor and popular all-around pundit Robert Stacy McCain as having clear and numerous ties to white nationalist, neo-Nazi, and Confederate revivalist organizations. Incidentally, McCain also co-wrote a book with Lynn Vincent, who herself ghost wrote Palin's recent biography Going Rogue.

That The American Spectator and Washington Times, among other outlets, have happily published the works of a fellow who was meanwhile networking with Neo-Nazis and writing for outlets that no one disputes to be white supremacist in nature can never be acknowledged by the more degenerate wing of what today remains of the Republican Party. That Glenn Reynolds and dozens of other key bloggers have praised the fellow, linked to his writings, and mocked those who think it's odd that McCain has written about the perils of "racial suicide" among whites for American Renaissance, or that he's linked to wacky neo-Nazi sites like Overthrow.com under an assumed name, or that he once proclaimed that "the media now force interracial marriages into the public mind and a number of perfectly rational people react to these images with an altogether natural sense of revulsion," is obviously a huge problem for quite a few people, McCain in particular. That's why he and others have been making such a colorful range of personal attacks against myself and Johnson over the past few days - they have no other choice. Also, personal attacks are fun to make. For instance, look at him talk. HAY Y'ALL MY FOLKS WAS CARRYIN' AROUN' MUSKETS IN RICHMOND, TRYNA KEEP THEM YANKEES OUT, THEM YANKEES CAN'T DRIVE AMIRITE?

So far, no mainstream media source of which I am aware has deemed it of any interest that a prominent pundit has recently been shown to be a white supremacist. I'm putting the finishing touches on another article that will hopefully demonstrate these facts and others to a wider audience, but it would also not be amiss if more bloggers and columnists were to take this ball and run with it, and quickly.

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