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    I disagree, most of the people who would vote for Nader are the ones for whom even Edwards was too conservative. The turnout from these types is going to be miniscule. The only reason Nader had an impact in 2000 was because he drew enough independent voters to him. This year with Obama (likely) and McCain fighting over the independent vote, Nader wont get any oxygen. Nader cant improve on his 2004 performance and will likely do even worse this time around.

    In that sense its good he is running, because it frees the dem nominee from having to worry about where the ultraleft fringe goes. They cab drift to nader for their protest vote and the nominee is freed to argue towards the center in the general.

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    agreed. the same holds for central wisconsin (wood, montgomery, marathon counties)

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    i cant complain :) I've been meaning to drop you a line. Im a stay at home dad for this year while my wife does a residency. Hope all is well with you. This all brings back memories, huh?

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    green bay and appleton?

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    I moved to central Wisconsin in June, and anecdotally it seems that Hillary is more popular, but of course the liberal areas downstate (Madtown-Milwaukee axis) are going to go-Bama. My instinct tells me it will be very close but Obama will eke out the win. I've been following local Wisconsin media on the race at my new local Wisconsin blog, "Dont blame me, I voted for Howard Dean".

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    much appreciated, though I also would like to hear your own thoughts on those ideas, as well as any hint you can give us about what ActBlue has in store for the future, even if not perfectly convergent wth my wish lists.

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    oh and RSS feeds of course - so obvious that i neglected to mention (and thus all the more jarring in their absence)

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    Hi Melissa,

    Can you talk a bit about what technology innovation ActBlue intends to roll out? As I argued previously, ActBlue appears to be highly stagnant in the face of competition from similar operations on the right, notably Slatecard.

    Things at a minimum that ActBlue should be rolling out are things like embeddable widgets, tagging, and user groups, as well as a dedicated application on Facebook instead of just another group.

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    is the seeming conviction that terrorists could not possibly have murdered Bhutto, when in fact it was almost certainly them. Todd, your analysis is bizarrely skeptical of the most likely scenario of who did the deed. I have a critique response post at Nation-Building explaining in more detail.

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    "No one in the Clinton camp comes to the defense of other Democrats who are getting unfairly attacked."

    thats a narrow mindset, and not exactly relevant anyway since none of the oters have endured anywhere near as much attack.

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    I think that Nov 2 (Friday) is the important one. I doubt that Gore would file in IL or SC without doing NH first, unless it really is a "friday morning oh what the hell lets do this thing when's the next flight to Concord" kind of snap decision. I'm not holding my breath.

    (well, maybe a little)
    I'd be happy with Edwards as a Veep.
    I can see Edwards playing a complementary role to any of the others. With Hillary it would be as the mor progressive "whip" - almost identical to teh dynamic that he played with kerry. Or he could be with Obama as a partner in teh same sense Gore was with Clinton. in both cases he's got the advantage of being the white male who actually brings (ahem) diversity to the ticket :) The only candidate who I dont think Edwards would complement all that well would be Gore.

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    I see you have appointed yourself the guardian of the gate to the promised land, where only the most pure in their professions of fealty to the holy JRE may trod. That's fine, I've no interest in entering your Eden.

    I am drawn to Edwards for many reasons, most of them related to transformational and bold policy change rather than incremental and establishment-driven steps. However as I explain in a comment below, I have serious doubts about his ability to actually deliver on that rhetoric.

    My interest in Edwards has virtually nothing to do with (as I see it) the red herring lobbyist donations. I am perfectly fine with politicians accepting money from lobbyists. It's not my Sacred Cause like it (apparently) is yours, but all the more power to you on that.

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    I might do that yet, though of course in the general it's not a question of voting for Hillary but rather whoever - even freakin' Kucinich, if hell freezes - has that D after their name.

    I'm more sold on Edwards's broad issues than I am on his candidacy. I don't know really whether he'd be effective at getting any of his policy enacted. So even though he's best on proposing transformative change and reform, proposing via rhetoric is one thing and actually implementing it another. I don't see any discussion of the HOW from him.

    With Obama, I freely admit that its his rhetoric that attracts me, esp since I'm very much into the purple politics theme. But again with him there's the question of implementation. Even more so than Edwards, I just don't have the confidence that he can deliver, all the more so because his vision is so lofty. I guess it's the Kumbaya Critique but my general operating political philosophy is principled pragmatism.

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    fair enough - I just moved from texas to Wisconsin, so I certainly reserve the right to swap horses. But my broader point here is that we should be defending Hillary regardless of who we support. It's counterproductive for people who are dogmatically against Hillary (or pro- others) to simply sit back and do nothing wile she takes all the incoming fire, just because it's not aimed at their man. The damage the GOP does to Hillary will stick to the nominee regardless. JRE and Obama will be tarred with the same brush.

    Remember the media script: Democrats are poll driven and have no principles. That makes the media particularly susceptible to stenography from the GOP candidates' press release campaigns. We need to fight back and defend whoever they attack, because its all for one here and one for all.

    What I would like to see if a myDD initiative (Defend the Hill!) with several fronts:

    - a letter to the editor campaign to any negative media story about Hillary

    • a googlebomb effort to link to articles in defense of hillary here at myDD
    • a push to get the Mass Media Friends of the Netroots (Paul Krugman, John Stewart) to defend Hillary or mention/link to blogs and netroot sources that rebut charges and attacks her in detail

    the infrastructure we create to do this could then be easily adapted to defend JRE or Obama as needed. We shoudl do all of the above immediately for Obama actually as well to counter the "crypto muslim" smear which is really insidious and WILL bite him badly should he win.

    The pro-Hill and pro-Bama diarists here at myDD shoudl take lead in generating the content in these defenses. The Big Names here can reach out to the media contacts like Krugman etc. And the rest of the community here can be mobilized to write the letters.

    This is myDD after all, not just a blog, but the epicenter of netroots activism. Its time we stopped just blogging and diarying and DID something.

  • well, almost. if we as a movement move into the social space, an dthen use the blogsphere's power to amplify and promote that, then the result will be success. I dont think a progressive movement can take hold on fb or myspace by itself; theres just too much other stuff on there. couple teh lateral linkage of a sicial network with the vertical amplifier of the blogsphere though, and you've got something.

    Man, all it would take is $60,000 in seed money to pay two crack PHP and SQL programmers to work full time for a year on this. we could have solid apps for facebook rolling out within weeks. Remember the projects at mydd like the Google Bomb? we could do that again as a fb app. thats just one example off the top of my head before i rush out the door to pick up my kid from school; there are hundreds if things we could build links across to if we had that resource in place.


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