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    in fact, arguably you could let Biden take point on schmoozing Congress for major legislation.

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    I think thats backwards. Daschle is the one with ties to the health insurance companies, whereas Dean is a fighter. And getting a bill through Congress is not the Secretary's job, its the White Houses job, and the Dem leadership. Dean's job as Sec of HHS would be to actually run HHS and make it better.

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    I disagree - remember that Sec. of HHS is an executive position, so Dean's primary role would be to manage that huge bureacracy. Dean's executive experience is superior to pretty much anyone else in the White House - and he knows how to balance a budget as well as promote progressive policy. Take a look at the full case I've laid out.

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    Agreed, in fact we are on the same wavelength - I made an extended case for why Dean is better for HHS than Daschle on the merits.

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    I first posted on this at City of Brass in late November. There hasn't been any real news since then, aside from noting that similarly-accused people have been sentenced to death.

  • absolutely right. I have also been dismayed by the tendency of the plolitical chattering classes - including by and large the entire netroots, who are convinced by righteousness of their superiority over the massess of proles - to be so unbelievably condescending as they are. this episode brouhgt ot a lot of that sentiment into the open and it is ugly.

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    I know I have it coming, but please, be gentle.

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    I suppose those muslims in Gujrat really had it coming, too, eh?

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    clever, but really we are obviously talking about two separate things. Or are you underestimating the level of oppression which India suffered under the British, by simplistically equating that to mere political disenchantment?

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  • CO still looks swingish to me. The spread between OB and MC is the same as the BU-KE numbers.

    Lets also take this whole argument with a grain of salt, please, since we are comparing the actual vote in 2004 with polling done in the election preseason. Things wont start to really shake out towards their final configuration until the debates have occurred. Until then all you are really measuring in this comparison is name ID.

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    I'm not naieve enough to believe that McCain will actually follow through if elected, but in talking about climate change for short-term political gain (wooing independent voters), he's undermining the conservative establishment big time. He just moved the Overton Window on global warming to the left and the conservatives are screaming bloody murder - or would be, if the guy wasn't their nominee, heh heh.

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    most of the bans in question apply to restaurant smoking as well - a ban of that type just passed in Marshfield, where I currently live (central Wisconsin) and the debate in Wisconsin at present is whether there should be a state law.


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