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    Democrats won the evening.  If we're talking about change by the end of the night, i don't know how the repubs will win.  This is the  first time since 96 that the political discussion is being led by the democrats.

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    I wish i played the drinking game "drink every time mccain says my friends".  That way i would be passed out, and not watching this speech anymore.  Most uninspiring speech ever!

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    i think the speech will keep her on the ticket, but i don't think she converted any undecideds.  On a gut level, i honestly thought Biden's personal story was a lot more moving, and i think more american's can relate to his story.  America is going through a lot right now, and i felt like the democrats reached out and let the people know they are listening.  Republican's will love this speech, but what else did it offer?

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    is mccain slurring his words?

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    Listen to her exploit the fact that her son is going to iraq.  Biden's son is going as well, but he didn't politicize that.  I hope the Dem's mention that

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    i find it funny that rudy has the audacity to mention how many times obama voted during his tenure at the state senate.  i guess he hasnt checked out the records on mccain, the most absent senator this term.  Can someone pull up how many few times mccain has voted in the past two years?

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    I remember when bush and kerry were trading words for who would do a better job reducing the country's debt.  Bush said he'd reduce it in half.  I guess no one cares about holding him accountable to his promises.

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    seems like a perfect example of the "party before country" stratagy they have taken.  Why are republicans silent?  Maybe because they haven't recieved their talking points from rove?  why is redstate.com not working today? I dont understand why republicans dont support our country.    clear examples; not calling out poor performance and conditions at walter reade, Not calling out the perjure and liar that scooter libby is.

  • i agree that will happen.  i think new blogs will fill the shoes of the first progressive blogs though.  its a cycle, but in the case of the internet, its a pretty level playing field.  people can't compete without money on TV/Newspapers/Radio, But if the message gets diluted on the internet, the reason people go to see won't be there anymore.  On the good side, There needs to be more progressive voices in the MSM so maybe our news merging with the other news could be good (with newer independent progressive blogs pushing everyone in the correct direction)

  • a couple things to note:

    the word blog is thrown around like crazy.  in reality its a type of web format.  using the word blog is as general as the word magazine.  many of the sites you have mentioned have changed their format that supercedes "blogs".i think a better title for many of the sites would be independent news media.  it allows much greater bounderies and doesnt limit to peoples immaginations.  not all the sites that you mentioned have the same thing.  some are commentary, some are watchdogs, some are information.  these should be more defined if these sites are going to expand to a wider market, which would create people to give it a chance. (and stop the bill o'reilly's of the world from using one word to define everyone).  

    ive always made the argument that the online political community has sent fear in the eyes of the newspapers/TV/radio.  that is why their commentator's always try and belittle blogs.  To me, this is just the case of the free market in full effect.  

    in addition, i would make the argument that its not that difficult to start a blog as a single user.  huffpost and dailykos reach multi-millions but they didnt at the start.  people could work to match kos at his early years.  that is true independence.  if the site is new, independent, and quality, it has the chance to expand.


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