Republicans voting for a woman?

With all the hullabaloo about white democrats willingness to vote for a black man, I am waiting for the hundreds of articles written about republicans willingness to vote for a women.  The party that despises the word "tolerance" and the party's major constituent, white men from the south.  Are they really happy with this pick? Does this really fire up the party's base?

In my opinion, i would imagine the group of republicans unwilling to vote for a woman is greater than any democrat unwilling to vote for a black man PLUS any disillusioned Hillary voters who voted for hillary only because she is a woman.

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But ... But ... She was a MAYOR!

That's what I've learned today.  Tested under fire at the mayoral office of Wassila while Barack Obama was loafing around his do-nothing state legislator (oh, please, I'm rolling my eyes!), Sarah Palin comes with the highest of qualifications!  

But it doesn't stop there!  Since leaving the mayor's chair (which has since been shipped to the Smithsonian, so I hear), Palin is now the Governor of a state that has even more people than Wyoming or Vermont!  A state that has almost as many people as the city of Fort Worth!  Nineteen long months she's toiled in Juneau.  And what has Obama done?  Nothing.  Oh, sure, he's been a United States Senator (snicker! chortle!) for four years.  Big freakin' deal!  The Senate?  A glorified House of Lords!

It's a wonder John McCain was even willing to pick such a candidate, someone whose credentials almost overshadow his own experience!

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Re: But ... But ... She was a MAYOR!

You know, I hate right wing religious nuts as much as anyone here. And no way in hell, do I want this lady as a future President. But I think her strong will and clarity will serve her well. I would not  pooh pooh her small town experience. Leadership is leadership. PERIOD. She has demonstrated that.

We will be wasting energy if we think we can win the election on her account alone. McCain is the weak link here. She is going to win over skeptics with her style. No one is going to care she has an insulated view. It did not hurt Bush. What hurt Bush's legacy in his supporters minds were not his disastrous war moves, but the costs of it - lives and money wise. I actually think this lady is superior to Bush.

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Re: Republicans voting for a woman?

They love her... all three groups of republicans...

The religious right loves her, the Limbaugh Republicans love her, and the fiscal republicans could care less, so they love her, too...

Brilliant "base" move by McCain, but that's it...  we are very giddy here, but we shouldn't be....She did manage to become governor by beating a 4x incumbent with the only qualification of being a mayor in a shantytown...

Anytime we get excited about a McCain move makes me nervous... we are almost always wrong...

Let's hope this is a huge mistake, but it may not be... remember, they will get their talking points ready for her.

Don't forget Quayle won...

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Re: Republicans voting for a woman?

Oh she is a lot better than Quayle. She has a chance to reach out to voters McCain is having trouble reaching out to.  Bush won because Dukakis lost that election. No one gave a shit about the VP choice when you had Dukakis give such a lame fight. Quayle was good for a few snickers, but he wasn't hated in conservative circles. I will say that Quayle was a bad choice.

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Re: Republicans voting for a woman?

I disagree.  A black man as President faces greater prejudice among certain white DEmocratic voters compared to a gun toting white lady as VICE President who many conservatives will view as their spunky lil sister or daughter.

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