2004-2008 Convention comparison

I decided to re-watch obama's speech from 2004.  Pretty impressive.  I found it funny because it's the same message he gives today but finished off his statements with "and this is what kerry believes in".  The more i think about this campaign vs the kerry campaign, the more i think that this one has a message and a goal, and kerry's was all about Bush.  last time the republican's said Democrats have no plan for this country.  That is definitely not the case this time. Finally, the democrats laid out why our policies will help this country. That is something we need to do more of.  Curious to see how much the roles reverse.  I'm sure next week will be all about Obama.  In fact, i think mccain's convention will exactly mirror kerry's campaign. Bashing the other while talking about mccain's service.  I think that could be a good sign.

I also wanted to express my hopes that the progressive blogosphere goes to the twin cities and covers the republican's as hard as they are right now (without the hearts in their eyes). I also think we need to make sure that Obama and Biden are not the only surrogates fighting for democrats. Everytime i turn on the TV i see a republican repeating their talking points. We need to get all of our Democratic leaders on TV every single day laying out our message, not just of change but of policies.

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