Stand Up Against This Racist Ad

This ad is running in Arkansas for Blanche Lincoln, courtesy of the Chamber of Commerce:



I understand full well if you don't see this as racist at first glance.  Unfortunatly, there are some things in American life and culture that are so subtely racist or so common place that not all of us (sometimes even a majority of us) see it as racist.  We see it as being funny; or sometimes even as the truth.

But let me put it to you this way.  I have a good friend named Anmol who lives right here in Arkansas, ground zero for that ad, and he doesn't talk like that.  And he's not the brown skinned foreigner out to take jobs from (white) Arkansans, which is exactly the stereotype this ad plays to.  This kind of thing is wrong.  No one should have to deal with this kind of stereotyping of themselves, their friends, and their families being used to stir up animosity in our politics.

So, tell the Chamber of Commerce to take that damn ad down.

Tell Blanche Lincoln and her campaign to denounce it.

And lastly, contribute to Bill Halter, because he's going to need to get on the air to stand up against the lies in that ad.

Oh, and you know the best way to tell this is a lie?  If he was for outsourcing, the Chamber would be all for him.

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