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    As of today I have switched my support from Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama. Barack Obama's huge win in North Carolina and small loss in Indiana convinced me.  As a life-long voting Democrat I urge Hillary Clinton supporters to come to terms and smell the coffee. I also urge those in our party who are threatening to vote for McCain in the general election if Obama becomes our candidate to seriously, and I mean this, seriously search their souls. For the damage done to our nation and to the world by G.W. Bush's shameful legacy will only deepen in a McCain administration . Let's now all unite and elect Barrack Obama to the White House in 2008!

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    "Isn't that why so many Democrats voted to authorize the war in Iraq?"

    Your so called candidate was riding his bike on training wheels as a state senator when the real US senate voted.  Obama has voted continually to support the  War and has refused to lead in an impeachment battle aginst bush.  Anyway bush friggin lied to Congress and the American people, what makes you so righteous? Oh I forgot you're following your plastic fantastic mesiah.

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    Erik you A.H., You're a traitor to true liberalism. People like you are insuring four more years of Republican fascism.  Hope you like your koolaid. You're going to go down blub blub on the S.S. Obama!


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