POLL: More Meta for Chris: Posting to MyDD or Kos (or elsewhere)

MyDD was the first political blog I encountered.  I moved on to Daily Kos when MyDD went quiet during 2003 while Jerome Armstrong went to work for Howard Dean.  In fact, I think I may have stumbled onto MyDD while looking for Dean information.

Since then, I've been conflicted about where to post things.  I have my own blog of course (which almost no one reads).  I sometimes cross-post things here or to DailyKos.  Sometimes, I post there, but not to my own blog.  So, what should I post where?

In my mind, I've separated MyDD to a more intellectual place and DailyKos to a more emotional place.  I sometimes wonder what particular piece fits where.  My own interests lie toward posts on religion and politics using public opinion data or posts that interpret situations through an unstated postmodern lens that tries to understand why people disagree.  (Suffice it to say that I think that people who are wrong are much more rational than the average Kossack gives them credit for and people who are right are sometimes less rational than believed.)  My focus is less often on particular elections or campaigns unless I think I see a lot of skewed diaries in the wrong direction.

I notice that some people cross-post things on here to dKos (or maybe they are primarily Kossacks cross-posting here).  I'm wondering how people decide what they post where.  I am making a poll.  Please vote or tell me in the comments how badly I made a poll that doesn't have an option covering you.  For those of you who sometimes post different things to MyDD or Daily Kos (or other similar sites), what criteria do you use for where you post on a given topic?

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I diary mostly to Kos, because I feel like I can write a gut-wrench reaction diary there.  When I feel like I have written a thorough thought out Diary, I will post it here as well.

I must say though, (as I mentioned in other comments tonight), Kos gives you more feedback through comments, which always feels good so I usually go there first.  But when I really feel like I need to say something to the netroots or have something of value to add to the political dialoge, it gets posted here.  It seems to be working as my current diary is #1 on the rec list, and the previous one was front paged (that felt fucking awesome).

But to answer your question, I post to both, Kos to just shake my fist at the Republicans, and MyDD to actually add to the discussion.

by Pitin 2006-07-21 11:35PM | 0 recs
Re: Personally

Do you feel like your "gut-wrench reaction" diaries that you post only to Kos get a better response than the ones with additional value that you also post to MyDD?

I ask because it bugs me that I read through diaries there and you see one-liners that are variations on "Bush sucks" being recommended by 50+ people, while more thoughtful comments that have gasp paragraph breaks seem unread.  I'm trying to be more active about recommending diaries and comments over there.  

Kossacks don't always give me positive feedback (I got called a racist for noting that black Americans are more socially conservative than white Americans despite being much more Democratic, even though I could back it up with hard data).  MyDD doesn't have a lot of comments, so I never know if anyone is reading what I am writing.

I don't want to sound like I am Kos-bashing, because I'm not.  I understand the need for a passionate community like that, and I understand and accept that I don't fully fit in there because of my own interests.  I'm mainly trying to figure out when I am wasting my time over there and what sort of content most interests people over here.

by Anthony de Jesus 2006-07-22 12:28AM | 0 recs
Re: What interests people here vs. Kos

I think a good example of what would interest people here was given by a commenter in Chris's post. He noticed the difference between the titles of the posts regarding the 2nd quarter fundraising results for the parties. At DKos it was something like,
"DSCC fundraising: Republicans lied about their numbers" I obviously paraphrasing here. At MyDD the title was "2Q numbers".

That to me is the difference. At DKos, the story is how the republicans are evil and corrupt. It's about anger and emotion. At MyDD, the story was the actual numbers. It was seeing what those numbers meant for the November election, what they meant for Dean's strategy, for Rahm and Chuck, etc.

It's not necessarily about emotion and shouting here, it's about winning.

by adamterando 2006-07-22 04:35AM | 0 recs
Brevity is the soul of wit: Style points

Sometimes that one-sentence statement is in the category of "what oft was thought and ne'er so well expressed."  Advertisers get the big bucks for just the right turn of phrase that then becomes part of our culture.  Still, it would seem more appropriate for a short expression to be part of a comment.  Or maybe saved and made part of a truly punchy diary. Or a series of comments in one diary.

As for diaries with "paragraph breaks"  you would probably agree that a lot of diaries are long winded.  I taught writing for a bit, and what we have to ask our students is to write everything that comes to your mind, following some organizing principle, and then let it rest a moment. On rereading, cut it in half, and then again in half, until any word you lost would be the death of a child to you.  Most posting is under a great deal of time pressure and gets sloppy.  That has its charm, but it loses its readers as well.

by prince myshkin 2006-07-22 11:46PM | 0 recs
Glad your diary made the rec list!

Maybe it will get more feedback that way.

I just cross-posted here for the first time a few days ago and asked the readers if it was a good idea.  I got two responses, both positive.  So I guess I'll continue - although I'd feel a little more welcome with three votes in the poll! :)

The reason I decided to cross-post was because at dailykos, even when my diaries are popular, not many readers pay much attention to the details of my diaries.   Here, on the other hand, it looked like the sort of audience that might very much appreciate those details, even thought they might not comment on it much.

If you wanted my advice (and I'm not sure I'm qualified to give any yet) I would say cross post everything - I think of dailykos as a 'gateway' to the liberal blogosphere because it gets so much media attention.  If new readers like your posts, they might decide to check out mydd too...

PS I tried to post this comment a few minutes ago and it didn't show up.  Sorry if it duplicates.

by dreaminonempty 2006-07-22 06:53AM | 0 recs
I don't believe in cross posting

unless it makes sense. I might have cross post my one diary to an election reform blog (but I didn't.)  I rarely read a dairy that starts with crossposted at.... I guess it's a newsgroup thing.

I don't believe in comment rating either unless it is used to collapse comments like at slashdot, but I'll still rate comments every now and then when I have the time. I've gotten used to diaries with no comments. It was weird in the beginning to read a great diary with no comments, but I've come to accept that it's ok.

I get a chuckle when I go to the bloggregator and see basically the same articles. But I suppose that there are few people who share my sense of humor.  

This whole meta discussion is a good thing. I appreciate that your diary adds to the process.

by misscee 2006-07-22 07:53AM | 0 recs


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