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    MD-02 doesn't have a new rep. at all.  Dutch Ruppersberger is the rep there.

    As for MD-03, I worked with several of the people from the John Sarbanes (son of retiring Senator Paul Sarbanes) campaign.  He seems like an ok guy, though I am unsure of his caucus.

    John Sarbanes for Congress

    This was an extremely safe seat, so the Sarbanes workers ended up joining with the Maryland Coordinated GOTV Campaign (which was really awesome and well organized).

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    Though he was largely ignored by the State Party, Mr. Duck, a 20 year veteran who served in Iraq, ran a wonderful race.

    He took 39% of the vote in a heavily red district and got Wes Clark and other national figures involved in MD-06.  With Roscoe Bartlett (R-MD-06) retiring soon, 2008 should be winnable for Democrats in this district.

    Heres to you, Andrew Duck, for trying your hardest to bring good governance to the district where I was born and where I grew up.

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    On August 8th, progressives forced this election to be front and center about Iraq.  That's the only reason Democrats are in a position to take the House and the Senate.  

    I say this all the time to Democrats who can't understand why the Lamont primary win was so important. Good to see the sentiments echoed here.

  • It makes embattled Republican Incumbents look completely ineffective when they call for his resignation.  Two Republicans just called for Hastert's resignation in Ohio.  If he doesn't resign, they look like they aren't going to be able to get anything done in Washington.

    Resign or not, I think this story has a lot more details yet to be revealed.  If Hastert refuses to resign, the GOP is split.  If he resigns, they can all rally around the new speaker, someone who looks and sounds completely different from Hastert.

    I rather have the GOP split over "how corrupt their house speaker really is" than rallying around a new, most likely flashy speaker.

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    I am hoping some big name GLBTG groups step up and get some press over the GOP attempt to say homosexuality is equal to pedophilia.  That aspect of the GOP defense really rubs me the wrong way.  Assuming that liberal groups would be PO'ed about outing a sex offender is just ridiculous.  I am wondering what group will be the first to bring this fact up on the national stage.  

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    Yeah, Bartlett also voted no on torture so he's not terrible.

    Still, the question needs to be asked.

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    Andrew Duck is a 20 year army vet who served in the Iraq war.  He is running in MD-06, which includes the town where I spent the first 18 years of my life.  It is also the district where my girlfriend, my parents, and most of my extended family live.  At the moment, it is held by Roscoe Bartlett, who will be retiring in a few years.

    I would give to Andrew because despite the reputation of Western MD as a conservative stronghold, I know that things are changing.  Development, immigration, and concerns about education are all factors in the changing political make up of Western MD.  Bartlett was recently attacked by Progressive MD for his abysmal record on education and securing funds for his district.  

    Andrew Duck is my kind of Democrat, in the Tester model. Pro-choice, pro-gun, anti-bush.

    I would give a million and more to Andrew Duck, because even if Duck loses this year, MD-06 will become more competitive if Democrats in the district know they have support from the national movement.  When Bartlett retires, this could be a possible pickup! A competitive Andrew Duck can start the movement in MD-06 for a pickup a few years down the line.

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    Link Mike Steele (R) to this site:


  • I sent my $20. I met Donna earlier this summer at a festival in Baltimore.  She was very kind and intelligent, and though I am not in her district, she still discussed local issues like rising rent, BGE rate hikes, state college tuition hikes, and the local development (screw you Struever Bros!) in Charles Village.  Go Donna!!

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    I think Rudy will alienate Evangelicals, but pick up a lot of Independent voters, especially if Hillary is the Democratic nominee.  Even with those moderate pickups, I doubt Rudy could pull it out for the Republicans unless he does a lot of "issue adjustment" to appeal to Evangelicals.  Of course, then he might alienate the moderates he is poised to attract with his current stances.  

    In the end, I doubt Rudy will get the nomination due to his stance on so many issues that will not energize the Republican base.  Its all about GOTV, and at this point, I don't see a New York City Republican firing up Evangelical voters in the Mid-west.

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    Go Shane! The little ideological libertarian in me will be sad to see Ron go.  However, when I come back to reality, its clear that Shane is the best candidate here.

  • I have donated to Mfume twice, and plan to vote for him in september, but I am just starting to get nervous cause he reallllllly needs money to beat Steele, especially after the character attacks start in full, Rovian force.

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    Poor Cardin, he has so many people to run against, I think he is starting to lose it.  Watch out though, if Cardin loses to Mfume, there is a good chance we could see a Republican Senator in MD.  

    Not because Mfume is a bad candidate, in fact, he is a fighting progressive, but he has NO MONEY to compete with Mr. Steele.

    Maryland is starting to make me nervous.

  • Kiel finally posted that the Lieberman campaign has no proof to back up their allegations.


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