• No idea how this might relate to the topic, but Oliver Willis has one of the most popular (if not the THE most popular) political blogs in Maryland.  He certainly has the most active comments section for a liberal blog in the state.

    My point is, it would be more productive for you to search out some great blogs from the "blackosphere" and post them so those of us in the "whiteosphere" can read and link to them.

    There is still a lot of work to be done in my state, and particularly in Baltimore. Bmorenews is a local site that seems to focus on black content and if Maryland ever gets its own scoop blog, involving their writers and editors will be imperative to making the blog worthwhile for our state and our party.

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    That would have been the first question I would have asked.  Senator Obama's focus on "bi-partisanship" is what has kept me out of his camp so far.  

    I would have followed with a question about economic policy.

    Good interview though. I can't wait for the Clinton one.

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    Oh dear.

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    Hiya Bruce.

    I agree, this shows a serious lack of spin control on the part of the Edwards campaign.  If he caves like this is the face of Michelle Malkin, how is he going to be able to stand up to the Hillary campaign?

    C'mon John, stop the bleeding.

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    He didn't "almost buckle", the sketchy salon article is the only thing saying that.

    The campaign could have avoided this by saying something definitive.  They didn't, but lets not let the Salon story color things before we know all the facts.


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    that whether Edwards fires them or not, the meme has already been advanced. That "bloggers are out of the mainstream and that they are liabilities for political campaigns".  

    I wonder if the right-wing bloggers like Malkin had that in mind when they offered up "one of their own" (in a very loose sense) to the MSM for a beatdown. I am sure it was never even a thought.

    It would seem that right-wing bloggers have no interest in a sustainable future for blogging or internet activism in general.  

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    I expected Edwards to be a bit more vocal on trade.  "Smart trade"? What is that supposed to mean?

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  • I mentioned leftyblogs in my comment, and they really do play a huge part in my own (and most likely many others) consumption of local blogs in Maryland.  They are the "tie that binds" so to speak.  If blogpac finds that they have some extra cash lying around, leftyblogs would be a great organization to give to.

    One thing that could lead to greater readership among local bloggers, as well as increase the possibility for new solo bloggers to reach national prominence, would be a leftyblogs type utility based around specific issues or regions.  

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    As a young person, recently out of college, I find myself a bit in the wilderness when it comes to local/state activism in MD.  Perhaps the years and years of solid Democratic victories in Maryland have created a more professional class of activists.  It sure feels that way.  

  • However, in many States, the local market is still very open for new voices, especially in states that still do not have well known statewide scoop blogs.

    In Maryland, we still organize using leftyblogs and Blognetnews, because most of use have our own personal blogs.  As long as new voices and bloggers in Maryland join leftyblogs, there is a good chance they will get regular traffic.

    There has been some recent talk about trying to set up a scoop based blog for the Free State, but the only issue is that many of us Democrats in Maryland get along well with our right-wing counterparts and tend to be more moderate.  

    I am surprised then, that the blogosphere may be reaching some sort of apex, because in Maryland there is a lot of room to grow.

  • This is one of those situations all the Mfume supporters discussed.  Mfume would have been a guaranteed "aye" vote here.  Whether he would have been a guaranteed Senate win like Ben was has been debated to death.  

    I will be emailing Mr. Cardin to let him know of my extreme disapointment.

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    It seems like Maryland Dem bloggers tend to create individual blogs and then cruise around the local blogosphere using things like leftyblogs or blognetnews.com.  Even many of the group that posts on Free State Politics have their own individual blogs.

    For some other great Maryland Dem blogs check out:

    Jousting For Justice
    The League Re-Assembled
    The Old Line
    and my own personal blog Kujanblog.

  • Drug legalization should be (though I am sure it will not be) a major part of building a progressive America.  As a citizen of Baltimore, I see first hand every day the effects of this disastrous, draconian policy.  Our cities are dying, and the disease is the illegal drug trade.  Of the 270 or so murders in Baltimore City this year, nearly 80% of the victims and suspects were involved in the drug trade.  

    I know this is a hush-hush issue, one that doesn't win elections and could indeed lose them.  However, it is morally reprehensible to allow this illegal drug trade to continue to claim our young men and women.  Drugs must me made legal and become integrated into our legal economy.  Along with this, fighting urban poverty and improving urban schools must follow.  Whole generations are being lost in our cities.  Ending the war in Iraq is a priority, but ending our own 30 year war at home should be close behind.

  • The netroots could have played a much bigger part.  Andrew Duck (D) was running against Roscoe Bartlett and was competitive early in the race.

    Duck is a progressive and an Iraq-war veteran. He was an amazing candidate in a district that could be breaking blue in a few years. Some extra netroots support would have been a great strategic move. Towards the end of the race, Wes Clark and WESPAC sent some support Andrew's way, but it wasn't enough to take the seat.

    Check out what could have been.


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