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    Some examples of this "way of talking", perhaps?

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    While it would be nice to involve the CBC in discussions here and on DKOS, there is a better way.  

    The Covenant with Black America is a great rallying point.  Please, please, PLEASE check out the website and buy the book.  

    I bought the book, and as I read it I realized that the "Covenants" are all amazing progressive talking points.  

    Honestly, I could say I am a progressive, and then I could say I support the Covenants, and I would be saying the same thing twice.

    This is where white progressives should focus on finding common ground (which is really the whole damn field).  I would love to see Tavis Smiley and  other voices from the CWBA's organization be featured at Yearlykos.  

    I really see great potential from a netroots/CWBA partnership or something like it.  

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    This is insane.  Tavis Smiley and the CWBA have no problem joining with PBS to broadcast both of their presidential forums.  Why is FOX news preferable to PBS when it comes to reaching Democrats and particularly Black Democrats.

    Once again, this makes no sense.

    http://www.tavistalks.com/TTcom/press_re l__022107.html

  • Furthermore, I think a very positive step on this front would be to engage Tavis Smiley and the CWBA, and try to increase their online presence.  A scoop blog on the CWBA page would be amazing.

  • This is a rather offensive blog.  It implies that many on this blog and other progressive blogs are racist.

    I get your point, but I feel like it is severely weakened by your implications of racism.

    As a blogger in Baltimore City, a majority Black city, I do my best to search out black political voices on the net.  There are several in Maryland that I read regularly, Oliver Willis, P. Kenneth Burns, and the folks at B-more news, and I am sure there are many more. I hope I can somewhat understand where you are coming from, and the frustration you feel.

    However, I think your tone and your approach to this issue are all wrong.  You insult the very people you are looking to convince.  

    I hope that you are not simply trying to be antagonistic, and that you really want to improve minority participation in the progressive blogosphere. We need all the help we can get. Sadly, the tone of your blog suggests otherwise.

  • If C-Span would co-sponsor, this would be a great idea.

  • This would be a good idea, but for the fact that Current TV is only available to those with Digital cable, at least in Maryland.  

    That means millions of people (the poorest btw) would not have access to the debate coverage. Of course the same problem sort of exists with FOX news being only on basic cable.  

    Great idea.  If only Current were more accessible.  

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    Jeez, and just a day after I donated to the DNC, what a letdown.  We need to get Governor Dean in line on this.  I mean, why should Democrats donate to our party when they are enabling the other parties propaganda wing?

    I seriously doubt Republicans would donate to the RNC if they began consorting with Dailykos or Mother Jones in an effort to do "outreach to liberals."  What a joke.

  • I figured that Vilsack's support would go to the other DLC candidate in the race, Hillary Clinton.

    Furthermore, doesn't it seem strange that this follows the move of the California Primary and is concurrent with Ahhnold saying that Hillary shouldn't have to apologize for her war vote?  Its a stretch, but I don't like how this looks at all.

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    errr, Geffen that is.

    plus, it turns out Geffen had no relation to the Obama campaign beyond hosting a single fundraiser.

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    That hardball interview was hilarious.  Wolfson kept saying that he was "speaking for himself and not the campaign or the candidate" when he said that Obama should return the fundraising money.  Of course, Chris just skirted the point that could have so easily been made.  If you, Mr Wolfson can speak for yourself and not the candidate, why can't Gibbs?  Completely silly.  

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    A great read.

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    green party? lolz

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    Hoyer won't be easy.  He has the money and the years and years of support from the Maryland Democratic Party and machine.  Not to mention, Al Wynn would be a much better target for progressives in the state.

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    Hi Aiko,

    I live and blog in Baltimore, Maryland.  I am curious what kind of organizing/activism you do and if there is any way for me to get involved. Drop me a line: akujan@hotmail

    Anyways, I agree with most of your points, especially the one about "black issues" vs "America's issues".  That is one reason why I love the CWBA, because their issues are ones all progressives can all rally around, race aside.

    As for the lack of "bloc" politics by blacks or ANYONE in Maryland, I think that has more to do with Democratic dominance throughout the state, but mostly in Baltimore City and PG County.  

    The Democrats are so entrenched in many of those places, they don't need to compete for any votes, much less those of their black constituents.  In my opinion, Maryland kills the political activist impulse, because "look, Democrats are in charge of EVERYTHING, and have been (save '02-06') forever.  Why should another year of Democrats change anything? Why should the 10 term incumbent care about losing my vote?"

    The only chance to really change anything with a voting "bloc" is during the primary. This frustrates me to no end.


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