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    How full time bloggers organize themselves is of no worry to me.  I am rather more concerned that the National Writers Union would so gladly approach this cause when there are thousands of salaried writers toiling away in production houses across the country with no organizing power whatsoever.  My emails to the NWU have gone unanswered.  I am not trying to troll, just trying to point out that there are thousands of writers (who don't really blog at all) already not making end's meet who could use representation as well.  

  • Fixed, thanks.

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    One of my favorite bloggers period, is The Field Negro.  

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    Thanks for helping out Donna, everyone.  

    One interesting note about Wynn's campaign kickoff which was noted in the comments on FSP:

    Doug Gansler nor Jack Johnson can remotely be called "progressives."  And Peter Franchot, well, he may be a liberal, but loyalty has never been a strong suit.

    What I think is more interesting is who wasn't there -- O'Malley, Van Hollen or pretty much anyone from Montgomery County other than Franchot.

    Wynn is in trouble -- he twisted a lot of arms to come to this event, and not very many did.

    And this is from a very active resident of the district.  Van Hollen controls the money and O'Malley might as well control the state party as Governor.  There is a good chance Donna will get lots of support from Moco pols, but if she could get O'Malley or Van Hollen's endorsement, whether direct or indirect though non-support of Wynn, it would be a big deal.

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    Ehh, any discussion of ending urban poverty and crime has to begin with a frank discussion of the success of the American War on Drugs.  A President is the only one who could realistically begin this discussion with the chance of actually policy changes.  Still, Obama's comments are welcome, imo.

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    This is good bill, and I don't really understand all of the opposition.  If other states got on board quickly, we could have a popular vote election in the near future.  That means restoring the power of a single vote to every person in the country.  Suddenly its worth voting for president as a Democrat in a red state, because the state majority of democrats no longer matters, the national majority of democrats does.  

  • Tavis, the CWBA, and PBS deserve our respect for their dedication to creating good presidential debates, and to creating an environment where issues important to blacks can be directly addressed free of FOX framing.

  • Go Cal (and the O's).

    As Howard Stern (sworn enemy of IMUS) pointed out this morning, Imus is known for being a racist.  He and Robin recalled a time when he called black workers at the station the N-word and refused to speak to non-white interns.  

    As Howard said, "Imus has said worse".  Robin followed, "At least he isn't standing there holding your paycheck calling you n---er."

    Time for this cowboy-wannabe to hang up his boots.

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    I have blogged about this issue in Maryland and Baltimore City considerably.  Links here:

    here and here

    The "war on drugs'" mission is admirable, but it's results are horrible.  It doesn't work. That is all that needs to be said.  It is completly ineffective both at rehabilitation and crime reduction.

    The solution of course is legalization, and the creation of what a colleague of mine refers to as "monopolized narcotics markets", which would both reduce crime by removing the profit motive, and create a large revenue stream for intensive rehab and treatment programs.  This is not likely to happen anytime soon, so common sense changes are what we need to focus on and lobby for now at the state level.  

    In Maryland for example, this session we reformed the Mandatory minimum sentencing laws (though not as much as we could have), and I believe Delaware has made progress on a similar bill.

    I am wary of policies or arguments over this issue which continue to view drug use as a criminal act.  Until the nation begins to view drug use as separate from criminal activity, we will have to settle for the slow reform process evidenced in Maryland and Delaware.  

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    get a brain Moran!

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    he would be roundly criticized, not coddled like this.

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    Yeah, I don't see how this could be legal.  

    Also, Howard will be upset, but not as upset as he would be if they were focusing on dirty talk and not violence.  

    Democrats always push anti-violence censorship bills.  Its seems to be their go-to when they need to appease the censorship lobby of over concerned parents and anti-gun crusaders.  

    The Republicans are more into censoring dirty talk and letting the violence go on unabated.

  • "But, I have to remember that my northeastern values and views are not even remotely held by most of America."

    That is really the comment that I can't understand.  There is nothing to back up this statement beyond your own belief that it is true.

    I could point out that since the Northeast has such a huge population compared to "the rest of the country" so our values really are more mainstream than you would think.

    I could point out that California seems to hold a lot of "northwestern liberal values" for being solidly located on the west coast.

    I could point to pockets of liberalism equal to pockets of conservatism in major cities and small towns all across the country.  

    Its just rather strange that a person involved with the Obama campaign, who is trying to create a "new kind of politics" retires to the same right-wing stereotypes when it comes time to think up political strategy.  

    We may as well just rename "liberal values" "northeastern atheist gay baby-killer values" because that is exactly what you are conceding.  Our values need to be "tweaked" or "fixed" to be palatable, while this fixing and tweaking always equals stepping to the right on important issues.  

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    I can't really describe how much that bumper sticker turns my stomach.

  • And I would love to see statistics that show Religious Democrats voted more for Republicans in 2006 because of being alienated by "anti-religious northeastern liberal values".


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