Tavis Smiley, Covenant with Black America Announce Presidential Forum

After the Nevada/Fox debacle, it's important for progressives to look for forums in which our Democratic candidates can shine, and in which they will be presented with questions that matter to us.  

Though it is a few months off, this is why I am very excited to hear that Tavis Smiley and the CWBA will be holding a presidential forum at Howard University in June.

So far, it seems only Gravel and Kucinich have signed up, and lets hope that changes soon.  I am hoping that all of our Democrats will jump on this opportunity, but if they don't we will need to pressure them to show up.

Either way, I am excited to see this forum, and I hope it forces the candidates to address issues that are important to Blacks, and to progressives in general.

Click on "covenants" over that their website to see the CWBA comprehensive progressive platform.

Press Release here

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