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    Exactly, since when are your enemies going to give you advice that will help you beat them.

    Just like Karl Rove said that he wanted Dean to be the Dems' nominee for president in '04, the question that every Democrat should have been asking themselves is "Why in the world would the enemy say that he wants this guy as an opponent?"

    The answer is either the enemy thinks he can beat that particular opponent, or the enemy is trying to psych someone out by saying that.

  • NCDem,

    I attended the House & Senate Reapportionment Committee meetings, here in Georgia, and I also posted the links to those maps at BfD.

    I assure you, those maps are the ones that passed out of committee.

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    Thanks to the powers that be at MyDD for soliciting input about state blogs.

    http://www.blogfordemocracy.org is an group blog run by the former "Georgia for Dean" folks and we cover all things political in Georgia.

    It's a good blog, so y'all stop by for a hearty southern welcome.


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