• Back in 2004, the Log Cabin Republicans were filing this lawsuit to overturn DADT.

    It took them six years, but they accomplished more DADT results in six years than the Obama Administration accomplished in the last two.

    Because of the Log Cabin Republicans, we now have a legal precedent on the books.  DADT is unconstitutional.

    Sometimes you have to take a win, regardless of how that win occurred or who was responsible for it.

  • I noticed that too.

    I'm not sure what happened to the former "Tondees Tavern," but I have a suggestion for a replacement state blog.

    Georgia Liberal (http://www.galiberal.com) is a good, group blog that focuses on progressive politics in the Peach State.

    I'd suggest my blog, Georgia Politics Unfiltered, but that would be too self-serving. LoL!

  • In order to qualify for the Democratic primary ballot, an individual must pay a qualifying fee to the state Democratic Party.

    The fee, set by the Secretary of State, is usually 3% of the office's annual salary.  For U.S. Senate, that is $5,220.00.

    For the record, I'm not saying Commissioner Thurmond is a bad candidate.  I believe he'll be a very strong candidate.  I'm just annoyed at him jumping in at the last possible moment after R.J. Hadley has spent months crisscrossing the state.

  • . . .Except that in a race between a candidate with high statewide name ID and a statewide candidate with little statewide name ID, there is no contest.

    Labor Commissioner Michael Thurmond has won a minimum of two statewide elections.  He is the First Vice-Chairman for the state Democratic Party.  And Thurmond is a DNC member.

    Contrast that to R.J. Hadley, who is little known outside of his Rockdale County base.  When most people hear that Hadley is running for U.S. Senate, they say "R.J. who?"

    Barring any unforeseen scandals, Commissioner Thurmond will steamroll Hadley in the July Democratic primary.  The media coverage will be "Thurmond easily won the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate."  And I don't see how those sort of news stories help soften Johnny Isakson.

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    . . . Because primaries matter.

    Blue America PAC today threw its weight behind former state Sen. Regina Thomas in the 12th congressional district Democratic primary.  Thomas is challenging three-term Congressman John Barrow.

    Blue America also asked supporters to donate money towards getting this ad on t.v.

    Howie Klein, speaking on behalf of Blue America, cited John Barrow's vote against the health care bill and Thomas' long record of advocating for working families as the reason behind the endorsement.

    History will remember this week as the one in which a tremendous stride was made down the road towards universal healthcare. But reactionary Georgia Blue Dog, John Barrow, was on the wrong side of history. A stranger to his own district and out of touch with its people, he voted twice in committee and 4 times on the floor of the House against healthcare reform. He voted against the bill last Sunday, causing an explosion of anger among Democrats back home. And then he arrogantly voted against the Senate reconciliation on Thursday evening, one of only 32 conservative Democrats to cross the aisle and voted with the GOP. But voting with the GOP is his default position on most everything. Does that make sense?

    Today Blue America is honored to formally endorse former state Senator Regina Thomas, a strong advocate for working families with a long record in her district and in the state capitol.  She offers her neighbors in eastern Georgia a far different outlook than John Barrow. Regina's perspective on governance is pure FDR-- the government is there to protect us from forces outside of our own control, whether that be foreign enemies or domestic predators. If Barrow's #1 concern is holding down taxes for the powerful and immensely rich transnational corporations that have financed his political career, Regina's concern is that the rich and powerful pay their fair share so that the society that has enriched them continues to prosper and thrive for everyone.

    Klein, Howie (2010-3-27). Blue America Welcomes Our Old Friend Regina Thomas. Crooks And Liars. Retrieved on 2010-3-27.
  • Thanks for the heads up!

  • Yeah, the GOP House Speaker here in Georgia was banging a lobbyist while also carrying legislation that would have benefitted her company.

    But the Democratic Attorney General is the one they say needs to be impeached.


  • . . .that while it only takes a majority to bring articles of impeachment in the Georgia House, a two-thirds vote in the state Senate is required for conviction and removal from office.

    The Republicans don't have the votes in the Senate to pull this off, and Democrats are going to have a good ol' time painting the GOP as radicals for wasting the people's time on this kind of crap.

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    ...I hope I live up to the standard MyDD has established over the years.

  • . . .In this diary.

    After the 2008 election, many political observers said Democratic victories in the so-called red states signaled the decline of the Republican Party.  They said that after losing the presidency, House and Senate, the GOP would be in the political wilderness for a generation.

    Now, the Republican Party is back; proving once more that politics is cyclical.

    While I agree that the GOP will likely make gains in the 2010 midterm elections, I think it is illogical to make bold assertions like "the Democratic party is in shambles and will be sent to the wilderness for a generation."


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    ...for Sting singing "starting up a brand new day"

  • Just trying to facilitate a little discussion.

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    Open government is grand.

  • . . .Although, if I didn't know basic HTML, this diary would have not happened.

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    I like previewing my diaries before hitting the "post" button in order to see what my entry will look like as well as to proofread. The preview function is a good thing to have.


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