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    I'm confused about one thing. If all these working bees out in the streets were working incredibly long hours seven days a week, as both you and Greg have said, running of 5-6 hours of sleep (unless you meant only yourself and the other manager, but I think I recall Greg said that ALL the people hired were overworked and exhausted), what on earth were they DOING? Surely they couldn't have been out in the streets raising money at midnight?

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    I will not forgive him for what he did to us here in Ohio. Most annoying is the constant denials that the DCCC was in any way involved. Anyone else still remember that the day before Hackett was forced out, Emanuel was quoted all over the news as urging him to get back in the race for the house seat in Oh-2 he almost won last summer? Oh yes, I am SOOOOO sure Emanuel knew of nothing going on, and just "happened" to be the first person to go public with the idea that Hackett should leave the Senate race. Yeah, complete coincidence. He and his buddies deprives Ohioans of a choice of candidates and what could have been an energizing primary race. Good riddance.

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    There's unlikely to be any so-called "truth" there, and I have a very low tolerance for conspiracy theories. I don't know why I even opened this diary. Maybe because I thought it would be about conservatives admitting that the Bush administration was asleep at the wheel about 9-11 and that they in fact just ddn't care. Wacko "building collapse" statistics don't interest me; why the Hart-Rudman report sat unread on Cheney's desk while the administration painted itself as the party of national security does.

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    Sounds like Paul Hackett all over again. Sigh. When will the party listen to the people instead of dictating to them? That is just so Republican and there's a reason we aren't Republicans. This Ohioan is disgusted all over again.

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    It's actually more like the Republican party circa 1965. The Republican party he describes has been dead for decades. It's now the party of high taxes, wasteful spending, and government interference in peoples' lives. Also, it's rich that he mentions the poor helping themselves, while of course the government helps the rich. When you don't have tools, there's little you can do for yourself. The government has bought all the tools for the welfare rich.

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    Guy from Ohio, this isn't about whether a candidate is "perfect." There is really nothing terribly wrong with Brown's positions. He just isn't a viable candidate for Ohio. As for Hackett running in Oh-2 against Schmidt, the way things are looking, Schmidt's career in politics may be over by then and if there's a respectable-sounding Republican, in that district, he or she won't be beatable by any Democrat. This has been hashed over so many times. Brown has little momentum. He's an uninspiring speaker. He isn't reaching outside his hardcore base. He's just a tepid candidate. And even if I were really, really  inspired and excited by him, I don't have the time, money or energy to campaign for everyone, so for me, it's the essentials: get Strickland elected governor, get Jennifer Brunner elected Secretary of State so we can have fair elections again and get Chandra or Dann elected attorney general so we can take over the reapportionment board and redistrict the state to get some Republicans out of office.

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    Paul Hackett was forced out.  When polls show that you CAN win if you can get your message out, and the party is cutting off your access to fundraising and insiders from somewhere or another are spreading dirt on you ranging from that you used to be a Republican to you committed atrocities in Iraq, sure, you can technically stay in, but they have essentially quite the race for you.

    And denying us a primary battle is NOT a good thing. All the energy and excitement has fizzled from this race.

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    To me, it's not about bloggers. It's about the people on the ground in the state or the district. You ignore them at your own risk.

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    Not so sure. McCain is unpredictable, damaged and too old. And if you think that Americans don't support the war now, just wait until 08. I don't think picking a candidate who's supportive of, or wishy-washy on, the war, is going to be viable by then. Even Hillary may have to actually take a stand!

  • This perplexed me too. Supposedly, the party was so under-impressed with Cegelis's fundraising ability that they pulled out all stops to find another candidate- ANY other candidate. Then THEY raised the money FOR that candidate. What if they had raised the money for Cegelis? This just confuses me.

  • Didn't Cegelis run better against the cemented-in-place incumbent than ANYONE has in eons? That hardly makes her a loser. it makes her a potential winner, especially when the incumbent, with the massive advantages that incumbency provides, steps down.

  • Michael-

    This attitude backfired badly in Ohio and it's going to backfire badly in Illinois.

    Word to the wise....back off.

  • There's a guy named Merrill Keiser running for the Democratic Senate nomination against Sherrod Brown. He has no money, no website, no formal campaign and he believes gays should repent or be put to death. Everyone in Ohio who believes that is going to be requesting a Republican ballot so they can vote for Kenneth "Katherine Harris" Blackwell in the highly contested Republican gubernatorial primary. Keiser isn't going to take anything out of Brown's hide. He'll leave that for Mike Dewine in November, unfortunately.

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    Rahm Emanuel fired the first shot against Paul Hackett and no matter howe much the DCCC claims "We had nothing to do with that decision," I will not forget that.

  • Now you know how we feel in Ohio. I don't think anyone is going so far as to say "Don't vote for Sherrod Brown" (there's actually a t-shirt you can buy that says "F*** Sherrod Brown, but I'll vote for him anyway.") but the complete fizzling of energy in the race is palpable. I see all the people I know in Ohio who want to be involved in a campaign going some place they think they can win or make a difference, such as Strickland's gubernatorial campaign or Chandra's non-party-approved but winnable attorney general campaign.

    We're just so sick of party leaders telling us "Here is your candidate. Like it or lump it." Most might vote for them with gritted teeth but you just aren't going to get the grassroots out there stumping for them and when you've got a leaner like this, you need that.


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