So who's keeping count-

How many times has John McCain said something really stupid or made a gaffe this week? Anyone want to make a bet. Whats your guess-

3?    5?    10?

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BORDER FENCE [updated]

So heres my post on the BORDER FENCE, [cue dramatic music.] So because of the escalating violence happening all along the border of the US/MEXICO border, and because of the debate on the Border Fence being waged by Bush's  Homeland Security, there has been a greater emphasis in my town about the fence being built as we speak.

I have always been against the fence. But after reading and looking at some pictures, my stance is no longer as strong as I thought it was.  I think most progressives have been against the fence being built but after seeing some pictures and video maybe your view will be changed a little too.  I have always thought the fence was so `un-American'  because it symbolized oppression and division; after all in the 80's we fought hard to tear down walls in other countries and I thought it was so hypocritical of us to want to build one right in our own backyard.

Why would I change my mind?

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Retaining Delegates

SO, I didn't want to ruin the love fest out there, which I must admit that I do enjoy and is super fun, but I couldn't resist. I stumbled, okay not stumbled, upon a little tidbit of information right now. [disclaimer: some may have already heard, but seeing as Im the last to know, Im gonna post it anyways]

A few weeks back, I joined More for being in the know and less of a declaration of my support. I decided it would be good for networking and hell it couldn't hurt. So when I did join, I was automatically put on a magic list where my local peeps started emailing me about the Texas Democratic Convention and all the hubabub going on in MyTown, USA.

Today they sent me an interesting piece of info...

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A Message from Hillary Clinton

This is a message from Hillary CLinton brought to you by me. I just wanted to show you guys that have doubt, that are thinking this is going to the convention, what the tone is right now.

I am thinking that this, the letter, sounds really appreciative and it leads me to believe that she is going to make a concession within the week, after gauging her supporters tonight.Hopefully, this comes as good news to all those Obama supporters who are bent out of shape because Hillary "Santa Claus" Clinton didn't deliver them their concession present tonight. I am going to echo my best StudentGuy: Be patient and be understanding. This isn't gonna happen over night and it certainly wont be painless.

Its gonna take time but I dont think its impossible. To my fellow Clinton supporters: I salute you. I salute you because it hasn't always been easy to be a Clinton supporter, we have faced a lot of hatred, name calling, and adversity and at the end of the day we all realize that we (BO supporters and HRC supporters) want the same thing: Change. We want change in America, whether it be UHC or the ending of the iraq war.  

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HISPANICS: who cares more?


Why should the Democratic Nominee care?

I decided to make a diary solely based on recognizing, and examining some factsheets and statistics out there concerning my all time favorite demographic: HISPANICS. Low and behold, the Hispanic Pew Center does some amazing work and I reference their work for the purpose of trying to help bring more attention to the Hispanic/Latino community. (Hispanic and Latino will be used interchangeably)

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