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    isn't laughing. I've kinda had it with the TX bashing, all of it is so annoying already.

    Its the same thing over and over again./

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    read the diary yesterday, it was heartbreaking but a reality in which I've experienced.

    I can say when you cant afford lunch at school its embarassing and really weird to have to tell your friends or teachers that no, you cant afford to eat lunch or bring batteries or other crap in for a grade.

    Its gotten worse, in my area they raised the price of lunch because the school couldn't afford not to. The state is cutting back funding, meaning more trouble for local districts and meaning that they will have pass that onto the students and parents.

    Some fallen middle class people are too embarassed to apply for reduced or free lunch.

    This is really unacceptable, but something that has been bubbling under the surface for awhile now [inner city schools and the peeps stuck between middle class and poverty can tell you that]. it is only amplified when it actually starts affecting the upper middle class and the peeps in the suburbs.

    i fear it will get worse before it gets better.

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    Finals week should be outlawed as some kind of perverse torture. seriously I thought I was out of my mind yesterday.

    thank baby jesus it is over.

  • its a very disorganized party given its so uncoordinated from region to region. At the most basic level we are at a disadvantage because we cant cover such a huge state.

    Regionally we need to coordinate, and we dont outside of East TX [proximity issues].

    Secondly, largely the cities with Dem majorities focus mainly on keeping it that way while very rarely diverting resources to help with state races that seem impossible to win.

    Thats largely the problem, if you're in a Dem majority city its frustrating to be blue in this dumb red state and would rather focus on the most simple local races, where we are competitive.

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    As far as the senate race is concerned Sharp and White have name recognition in East Texas, I would wager to say that in the South Valley ,  West, and Borderland most have seldom heard of the two.

    We should learn from Noriega's failed bid. [MONEY!! WE NEED MONEY!] so whoever runs needs to have the ability to raise, raise, raise. Texas aint a cheap state to compete in and if there is a Republican challenger [oh and there will be] you cant count on them getting big dollars from repub croonies all over the state. Plain and simple repubs have the monetary resources compared to us.

    Secondly, if this goes down, we need to focus on turnout. The only way Dems win is if Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, El Paso, Houston, and the Valley come out in big numbers. Mostly focus on the Valley/Border area where turnout has not risen compared to the rest of the state.

    Texas is evenly divided 33%-R 34%-D 33%-I so we need to pick up independents.

    Sharp seems like the best bet at the moment...

  • well "over reaction" would have said that better [words are not my forte.]

    I'd say suspension is what he gets but if the story reaches mainstream news and blows up, then he loses his job.

    I dont really catergorize this as major breaking news, but just based on the some headlines I've seen lately it might get aired.

  • sucks this bullshit is gonna get him fired...faux outrage [off with his head!!] strikes again

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    well just to touch on the overall subject of internet shenanigans...

    Obviously there are consequences of internet usage, most of them unintentional. Teenagers[ahem, like my brother] are more likely to fall prey to posting inappropriate/dumb pictures of themselves, leaving them open to the dangers of child predators and other weirdos. But you also see the same kind of dumb shit coming from older people too. So its kind of just an internet thing in general, alot of people dont realize how vulnerable the internet can make them or the consequences that come from that.

    Its not limited to young people, just people that lack effing common sense:

    -Like that woman that caused a young girl to commit suicide because of myspace. here
    -lots of youtubing of crimes have led to prison time. [seriously dont broadcast your criminal activity!]here

    sooo...to address the incident, uhh...well yeah I wouldn't neccessarily classify it as sexism, just offensive in general. Im sure some men, [somehwere, hopefully] might be offended to see an act like this if the cutout was of their daughter or sister or something. so it also isn't just a act that women are offended by.

    As far as what the consequences of this type of foolishness, I dont think its a termination worthy offense. It was a mistake, simply put. Everyone is entitled to one or two silly mistakes, even if they are the speechwriter to the president elect.

    [whew! this is a long comment! argh]

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    So you are for the Border Fence/Wall?

    I agree that Bush has done nothing but thrown money at a corrupt and incapable gov, but do you think a Border Fence will stop whats fueling the drug war [intense poverty and high demand]? Nope. The wall is a short sighted solution that never addresses the drug war itself or any of its factors, and that my friend is where Bush and the repubs have fooled you.

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    yeah man I totally believe the plane crash was set up to do exactly what it did, stop him from meddling in the cartels business. When we heard the news of his death we all knew it wasn't an accident. it was just to coincidental.

    it so crazy the violence against journalists too. Anyone in the cartel's path is destroyed, including the journalists just trying to report the carnage.A journalist was slain last week, shot in front of his daughter. There was a warning before his death, a head in the Plaza of Journalists.

    Word on the street from Juarenses is that they think an army has had a hand in the killings. Dont know if its true, I wouldn't doubt it though.

    its utter madness, chaos and terror.

    You are right, the parallels between Colombia and Mexico are there.

    The question though for the US and Mexico alike is how to address this surge of drug violence. With aid from the US to the MX gov? or something more comprehensive.

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    I feel so sick about the whole thing, because really I see no realistic way I can help, the people seem powerless in the face of such violence. I heard today 13 kids were tied up an shot in Sinaloa today. makes me sick to hear the murder toll rise everyday.

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    yeah it is. for people in the Boderland though, it seems like everyday another person is found murdered in our sister city.

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    in Juarez, Mexico around 20-30 people were slaughtered this past week. And not a peep from the US. Its the equivalent of terrorism yet we do nothing. I grew up 5 minutes from Juarez in El Paso, TX my entire life, my parents still live there, and during thanksgiving with them 8 people were shot in an upscale restuarant in MX. 16 bodies were found in a high school football field, 8 were decapitated. a 14 yr old girl was strangled. Just yesterday an American citizen was shot dead in the street.

    November was the deadliest month this year. Have you heard anything beyond the Border states NO. How is that even possible.

    throwing money at Mexico's CORRUPT gov. wont help. The cartels have infiltrated every level of gov. I object to more money being given to bought out officials. Something must be done but trying to heal this with cash isn't going to work. It hasn't been,and it wont if the corruption continues to swallow border cities. The army, the officials, the police, you cant trust alot of them because the cartel has gotten to them either through money or through threats. The cartels have more power than the gov. at this point.


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    thanks for the troll-rate, troll.


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    yes. it is over. sad to see mydd in this state.[This blog started it all for me]

    it seems like the whole point of the diary was missed by some people on the thread...


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