• Oh, please! An insightful political analyst wouldn't even be dreaming about Bush vetoing this proposal.

    An insightful analyst would understand that the proposal has zero chance of ever getting out of the Senate -- she can't muster a majority, and the GOP would filibuster in any case. That analyst would also note that Pelosi and Hoyer oppose this stupid idea, so it would never get through the House even if a miracle happened in the Senate.

    You know who is an insightful political analyst? Hillary Clinton. She knows exactly why she is doing this -- time is running out on her campaign, so she has to throw a hail mary.  It's just nauseating to see how little dignity she has left. This is as bad as McCain's confederate flag pander.

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    Just when I thought Clinton couldn't sink any lower, she pulls the "elite opinion" card out of George W. Bush's deck.

    This is beyond shameless pandering. It is beyond stupid policy. This is a woman proving that she will say absolutely anything to win this election.

    She obviously doesn't believe her own bullshit on the gas tax. What else does she say that she doesn't really believe?

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    plus whatever superdelegate machinations occur in the interim, of course

    Yeah, well those machinations are the superdelegates breaking heavily for Obama despite having a couple of bad weeks.

    Hillary needs 2/3 of the remaining superdelegates, or she needs to convince some of Obama's to flip. She has never convinced a single SD to flip, and she  is way down in the post-PA endorsements.

    Where are all of these superdelegates who are going to "see the light" and support Hillary? If they want her to win, why don't they pile on now when it can help her the most?

  • If the goal is to put forward the strongest candidate, why are Democrats spending millions to rip their nominee to shreds?

    Sure, after Hillary and her GOP/Fox News supporters tear into him enough he might be the weaker candidate. But think about this: if it looks like she's going to steal it away from him, what makes you think he will go quietly like she refused to do?

    If HRC doesn't drop out after the voting finishes a month from now, and if it looks like the supers might turn toward her, you may rest assured that Obama will unload his remaining $20 million on her. He will stop trying to rise above the fray and protect his general election viability if it doesn't look like he can get to the GE without lowering himself to her level. She will get the kitchen sink, the toilet, and the bathroom sink from Bill's private study made so famous in the Starr report.

    Hillary is on a bit of a roll these past few weeks, but I'm certain that the roll won't last until August. The only people with the see-no-evil, hear-no-evil attitude are the ones who refuse to consider that part of the scenario.

  • Regarding the Supreme Court justices, I know it is an awful thing. Yet the HRC supporters are tearing down their party's nominee every day, which risks that very outcome.

    Like I said, at least if McCain wins we will have a chance to start again in four years. I just don't want to be a member of a political party controlled by that woman, Sen. Clinton. I will not vote for her, not a single time, never.

  • I'm so very sorry you feel that way.

  • I love the idea that Obama is the charlatan here, when the HRC supporters claim it is some kind of virtue to lie to the voters. Hey, that's electoral politics, right? The voters are dumb, and you don't lead them or educate them, you take advantage of their ignorance.

    Well, that's why I won't vote for Clinton. But I already knew her to be a liar, so this is not news.

  • When I say "death grip" on the party, what I mean is that they would rather kill the party than release their grip on it.

    That is what is happening right now. They will sink the entire general election rather than let the party slip away from them.

  • I wish the rules would be respected, but I am not willing to sacrifice our shot at the White House just so the DNC can pretend that MI and FL don't have us by the short and curlies.

    The most important thing we can do right now to win the election is make Hillary Clinton go away. The best way to achieve that goal is to figure out a way to seat the MI and FL delegations so she can no longer pretend that she might win if those states are counted. If a compromise is cut that takes the MI/FL issue off the table but still leaves Obama as the nominee, thus forcing Hillary out of the race, then I say fuck the rules.

    But this is why the Clintons will never agree to this. Once MI/FL are resolved, they have nothing left.

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    This proposal is a blessing for Obama. He only goes down by 16 delegates, which won't significantly dent his overall lead.

    More importantly, though, it takes the issue off the table. No more complaining about disenfranchisement. No more Hillary hanging around until we can decide what to do about Michigan. No more ludicrous pronouncements by HRC supporters on this board that the results of the primary should stand as-is.

    God, I hope his campaign is smart enough to pounce and immediately start blasting Hillary for her inevitable opposition. Now she is the one trying to keep Michigan from being represented at the convention, when the state's own leaders have put forth a plan. She can't afford for Michigan to be resolved.

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    I don't know if this is more comedy or a catchy new slogan for the Clinton campaign:

    HILLARY: Not Planning to Die on Day One.

    Given that almost no non-suicidal people die on the day they plan to die (and I'm guessing a majority don't have a death plan at all), Hillary's plans in that regard are worthless.

    No matter. She's not going to be the nominee, and even if she gets it, Obama is not stupid enough to take the V.P. nomination.

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    This is so stupid that if this site wasn't filled with so much similar stupidity I would assume this is a troll.

    It's comedy gold, though. My favorite part is how you say that Obama is not ready to be president, but he should be on the ticket. If Hillary blows an aneurysm on January 21, 2009 then we are well and truly fucked. Another four years with someone who isn't ready.

    That's great advice.

  • This is only "man bites dog" if your conception of Judicial Watch is stuck in the Clinton years.

    Under Tom Fitton's leadership, the group has changed into a true watchdog group. Tom is definitely a conservative, arguably in the nutbar fringe of conservatism, but he is principled. He doesn't bow down before the authority of the Big Daddy the way most Republicans do, and he is not a Republican party hack.

    I think the progressive blogosphere would do well to reach out to the people at Judicial Watch. They attack all abuses of power, and it would be great if the collective research power of the netroots were harnessed to the tenacious legal power of Fitton's group. Maybe we could start rooting out the corruption that keeps the Democrats under the thumb of the business interests.

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    In fairness to Olbermann, I'm pretty sure he's talking about rape, not murder.

  • Thank god Hillary is here to save the party from the assholes who voted to nominate Obama. It's not for them to decide, it is for Mother Hillary and Father Bill.


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